🤦‍♀️ How many of these lies have you been told?

How many of these LIES have you been told about email and social media marketing? 

  • Email your list regularly... but don't overwhelm them
  • Have a "call-to-action" but don't be "salesy" ‍
  • Have a freebie... but don't give away too much free stuff
  • Grow your list... but purge it too
  • Be clever, interesting, entertaining, high value...

Honestly... it's no wonder most people find marketing and content creating overwhelming and exhausting!! 

Because I know you are here to make a difference... and that DOESN'T include spending hours agonizing over your email and social media marketing.

So I developed a SUPER basic system... easy, repeatable, simple. Where you can take 1 idea... and create ripples of impact using the law of momentum.

I have been working with exact system for 18 months. And in this time, I have grown to LOVE marketing, and become a kick-ass marketer.

And my results reflect it

Steal my system here (PDF download)... and check out my next free...

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Sept Energy Forecast

Sept Energy Forecast: Numerology for the month ahead. This month is PEAK energy for 2023.

Themes include:

  • Soul Gifts
  • Oracular Magic
  • Expanding your Intuitive Abilities


Watch it here-

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🦁Lion's Gate Portal - Let's manifest together

It was Lion's Gate August 8th.  Well strictly speaking, it's a period of time.. and it includes this month.

But... let's tap into the numbers a little...and create a fun ritual shall we?

It's a 5 energy day, with double 8s. In a 6 energy month. In a 7 energy year. See my description on IG which includes pretty graphics!

For the ritual... take time to tap into the Golden Abundance Codes available today.  How?

  • Lay in the sun, taking in the rays.
  • Carry or wear citrine.
  • Eat or drink foods rich in golden hues (I made delicious turmeric elixer today... reply if you want my recipe!)

Then get clear on what your desires are that centre around abundance, freedom, spiritual gifts and connection.

Dream about them.  Then to the ritual in the last graphic of the IG post!

Reply and let me know... what are you manifesting?? I want to hold space for you!!

Don't forget to tell me if you try my ritual!!

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💕Building trust with yourself

You can trust yourself.


Even if you have messed up in the past.  

Even if you have made mistakes. 

Even if you felt like have gotten it wrong before.


Please… the one thing you should never give up on is yourself.

Trusting yourself means investing in yourself.

With time, energy and resources.

It means learning your YES and your NO.

And following through with radical self-care, boundaries and love.


Don’t let the ups and downs of your past decide your future for you.

What if you decided that today was a fresh start.

A brand new timeline.

And that thing you desire?

It’s fully possible for you.

And you only have one job.

To go within. 

And to trust yourself.


To never stop listening to the longing in your Heart.

To notice the nudging of your Soul.

Then to follow it up with the action in your Body.


To give yourself a big hug… then take a step forward.


And see what happens when you mindfully cultivate...

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August Energy Forecast - Integration and Recalibration with your Soul Gifts and Oracular Gifts

August is a 6 energy month... join me as I dive deep into what that means for you, and the specific dates and energy you can work with to support your goals and desires!!

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💫What if Your Greatest Struggle is Actually an Initiation?

Let’s not sugar coat things. Life has been intense lately, hasn’t it?🫣

And there is so much unknown, uncertainty, it can feel like traveling in the dark.

🤔But let me ask you....What  if the darkness has something for you?
We are so afraid of the challenge, the hard, the difficulty.

I think it is the messed up programming around “perfection”, “rightness”, and feeling approved of by an external authority.✅

Like wanting the A from the teacher. Wanting a 10/10 on the job interview. Wanting to feel seen, feel chosen, feel special.
And if we dont’ feel those things... we think something is wrong with us. We punish ourselves. We turn inward.

We begin to run stories of being “too much”, and “not enough”.
🫴🏼What if... we have been looking at challenge all wrong?
🫴🏼What if your greatest struggle is actually an initiation?
🫴🏼What if it is guiding you TOWARDS your purpose?

I love how Numerology can show us this path. So we can ...
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Numbers contain Energy. They aren't arbitrary. They are precise.

When I was 27, I worked for the provincial government forecasting revenue for the budget.
I looked at all kinds of stats, data and numbers…and I found patterns and relationships. Based on the relationships I saw… I would predict the revenue for the province.

When I was 22, I worked for a firm doing economic development work with indigenous communities. Using numbers to help them reclaim sovereignty.

Numbers contain energy.
And numbers have always spoken to me. 
They aren’t arbitrary.
They are precise.

A formula gives you an answer… it’s not made up.
It’s not imaginary.
It’s not subjective.

Understanding Codes and Numbers is an ancient art and science… the practice I share is over 6,500 years old. It is a living, breathing field of work that has evolved over time, but it is rooted in an ancient understanding.

I love Numerology because it bridges the grounded, practical results of numbers… with understanding and...

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July 2023 Energy Forecast


Key themes include: Freedom & Playfulness Wealth & Worthiness Breaking free from consensus Tune in for details and important dates!!

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🔮 Did we forget this is the Year of the Oracle?

Did we forget that this is the YEAR OF THE ORACLE????

I have been receiving notes and msgs... people asking me to help them understand what is happening to them. Feeling confused. Feeling uncertain. Questioning things... feeling like they are a bit in the dark of the unknown.

Has this happened to you?

I have good news... lol... it does NOT mean everything is falling apart.

It actually means everything is falling together!!!

It is an activation of your SOUL WISDOM and SOUL GIFTS

If you have asked to strengthen your PURPOSE. To power on your GIFTS. To share and contribute with your SOUL WISDOM... let me guess.

You have been going through it over the last few months? Like sticky, hard, crunchy time.

And some weird synchronicities have happened... little evidence of miracles and magic... sometimes feeling so small, they are almost imperceptible...but you see them, and can't ignore them.

Your dreams are POTENT and possibly SUPER WEIRD.

Let me share with you... could it be an activation...

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June Energy Forecast

Not gonna lie.

I LOVE 4 energy.

Sometimes I think I have 4 envy... it's not an energy I naturally run in my Code. But it does circle around every so often to serve us.

And June is 4 energy.

I know that many of you have been feeling and sensing changes, shifts, adjustments lately.

Old patterns clearing, new patterns emerging.

Paradigm and timeline shifts.

Karmic adjustments.

But sometimes... do you also feel a little ungrounded in it? Like - I feel this... but I don't SEE evidence of it?

Well... you are gonna LOVE June.

June is where you will start to see bits and pieces of the physical evidence appear.

Things you may have sensed or intuited... will start to see physical form.

Curious as to how this will play out?

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