🔮 Did we forget this is the Year of the Oracle?

Did we forget that this is the YEAR OF THE ORACLE????

I have been receiving notes and msgs... people asking me to help them understand what is happening to them. Feeling confused. Feeling uncertain. Questioning things... feeling like they are a bit in the dark of the unknown.

Has this happened to you?

I have good news... lol... it does NOT mean everything is falling apart.

It actually means everything is falling together!!!

It is an activation of your SOUL WISDOM and SOUL GIFTS

If you have asked to strengthen your PURPOSE. To power on your GIFTS. To share and contribute with your SOUL WISDOM... let me guess.

You have been going through it over the last few months? Like sticky, hard, crunchy time.

And some weird synchronicities have happened... little evidence of miracles and magic... sometimes feeling so small, they are almost imperceptible...but you see them, and can't ignore them.

Your dreams are POTENT and possibly SUPER WEIRD.

Let me share with you... could it be an activation...

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June Energy Forecast

Not gonna lie.

I LOVE 4 energy.

Sometimes I think I have 4 envy... it's not an energy I naturally run in my Code. But it does circle around every so often to serve us.

And June is 4 energy.

I know that many of you have been feeling and sensing changes, shifts, adjustments lately.

Old patterns clearing, new patterns emerging.

Paradigm and timeline shifts.

Karmic adjustments.

But sometimes... do you also feel a little ungrounded in it? Like - I feel this... but I don't SEE evidence of it?

Well... you are gonna LOVE June.

June is where you will start to see bits and pieces of the physical evidence appear.

Things you may have sensed or intuited... will start to see physical form.

Curious as to how this will play out?

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He threw candy in the air behind her after she wished three times.

 My 5 yo daughter Mira has a love of all things unicorn, crystal and magic. She loves to make potions and cast spells.

She found a potion bottle, and has had so much fun making potions, enchanting them with a spell, then drinking them.

The other day, while at my sister’s house… she asked my sister’s partner to help her make a potion. He dug around for some food colouring, and they created a beautiful coloured concoction.

She swirled it around, and said out loud “I wish for candy to fall from the sky!” and of course, repeated it 3 times.

My sister’s partner registered shock on his face… her wish was so doable! He quickly grabbed a candy, and tossed it in the air behind her… and as it landed at her feet… her brother yelled “That doesn’t count!! Tyler threw it!!”

They have this funny vibe between them… her trying to prove magic exists, him trying to disprove it.

But here’s the thing.


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📖 Story time: How I became a Numerologist - A trip down memory lane!

Someone asked me the other day HOW I got into Numerology.

And it was SO fun going down these memories of my journey.

I wasn’t always intuitive.  In fact, I didn’t think I had any intuition at all.

But 10 years ago I started my business as a business coach… I worked with online businesses, brick and mortar companies… an eyeglass store, a construction company… it was SO much fun, and so rewarding.

Since I studied business in University, and have a Master's degree in Economics, becoming a business coach seemed a complete natural step!

And at the same time I was on a journey to understand energy and intuition.  And when I came across Numerology, my mind was blown.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

So I studied… and I started to do the charts of my biz clients on the DL… totally behind the scenes. 

And the results informed HOW I coached and advised them.

AND their results skyrocketed.  I was even surprised.

And they...

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May Energy Numerology Forecast

May energy is 

There are opportunities for new models of leadership... new ways of being. If you desire to step up your leadership... to be of service, to be visible, to be available to give and receive... in flow and in abundance with the Divine Law of Compensation.

Yes, abundance.

There will be powerful new ideas coming through about your future, your work (inner work and outer work).
Insights for what's next for you.

And massive creative energy that is here to support you!!

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This makes me absolutely crazy 😤 It's not your fault, you were told an incomplete story.

The quickest way to take someone's power away... is to convince them they are bad at something.

Something critical and important to daily life, prosperity and wellbeing.

Like Math.

Then they will spend the rest of their lives deferring to others, doubting themselves, and asking others for the answers.

Certain that they got it wrong.

That there is something wrong with them. They don't have a math brain.

That they weren't crowed with some sort of genius brain that gets numbers.

It spills out in so many areas creating struggle... particularly in money, finance and business.

This makes me absolutely crazy!!!

It's so fucking wrong.

What if you aren't bad at math?

What if you were told an incomplete story? What if your confusion in the early days of learning math was because your intuition was trying to tell you there was more to the story... but your teachers just shut you down?

What if you were on to something all along?

That numbers represent an intuitive language that allows us to...

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⚡️It's YOUR turn to see the energy in pathways... creating openings for you.

Energy looks like pathways to me. Like a network of wires or cables moving some things forward, and holding some things back.  

When I look at someone’s numerology chart, I can very clearly see energy running through pathways… like roadways on a landscape.

AND… I see energy in this way too… (you can too for yourself AND your clients.)

You can see where there are traffic jams and stagnant energy.

You can see where there are opportunities for abundant energy exchange, increasing sales.

You can see where there is an ask for sharing education, insights and teachings.

You can see where there is wellbeing expanded through rest.

You can see where Soulmate clients are craving deeper connection and engagement.

You can see opportunities to expand impact and income.

When you share this with your clients… you can open up a world of possibility for them.

A way of working WITH the energies in their life… rather than fighting against it.


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✨April energy forecast - Activate your Soul Wisdom

April's energy forecast is up and it's so good!!

This month is all about connection, collaboration and partnership.

AND intuition is also coming in STRONG!!

You can expect an activation this month... supporting you to step even deeper into your Soul Wisdom and Soul Gifts.

And, I want to support you with that!!

I am sharing a challenge, starting April 17... with easy, bite-size actions steps each day that week.

And by the end of the week... you will feel the Activation of your Soul Wisdom!!!

 Ready to join us? Sign up here to Activate Your Soul Wisdom!

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💫The declaration I made in 2020 that shifted my world in unexpected and powerful ways.

Years ago I made a declaration… that the world delights in my delight. 

When I made this declaration… I was specifically thinking about seeking out joyful adventures… and those adventures seeking me.

Because we all know I love a good wild adventure… whether it be 4x4ing up in the alpine muskeg, surfing behind a boat on a pristine lake, or carving down the side of a mountain in fresh champagne powder.

But years later I find myself reflecting on this declaration I made in 2020.


The word derives from the latin word delectare. Which means to charm. And the "gh" aspect was added in the 16th century to reference light.

So… to charm. With light.

 And charm… is defined as an incantation or magic spell.

Ok… um… having a mind blown moment

This means YOU. In your LIGHT. Is a magic spell.

Working with your Light Code and galactic frequencies are a way to work with energy. To create incantations and magic spells. To open...

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💕My wish for you. Sureness in your footing.

As we welcome back the light...My wish for you...

Lightness in your heart... when the world feels heavy.

Sureness in your footing... when the world feels unstable.

Clarity in your path... when change is swirling around you.

Confidence in your Code, your Truth, the energy running through your Being... when the world would have you fit into their mold.

Community who believes in you, and sees the incredible power, strength and gifts you carry... when isolation and loneliness are an epidemic.

Abundance, wealth, prosperity... when hustle and struggle are part of the narrative.

I am here for the magical shift that is unfolding... as we embrace our natural birthright of magic, power, abundance, community and wealth. And I want that for you too.


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