Alchemize your challenge ➡️ into an opportunity

Someone asked me the other day...Why Numerology?

And it sent me for a rip down memory lane...

‍Because when I was told I was too much… too sensitive, too talkative, too bossy… it helped me find my superpower as a sensitive, intuitive teacher who could very clearly see pathways to potential and possibility.

Because we are surrounded by energy all the time. And it is all around us to support us, help us and guide us to fulfill our goals, desires and dreams.  We simply need to interpre it, and understand it. And work with it.

Because life isn’t meant to be punitive. Our challenges aren’t here to hurt us.  In fact, they are an initiation.

Our challenges initiate us into greater levels of our potential and our gifts.

They are HOW we develop potency and mastery over our gifts.

Because when we face hard things… we aren’t meant to freeze, pull back, shrink or stop.

We are meant to find our centre, and activate Alchemy

Challenges are...

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November Energy Forecast

November Numerology Energy is gonna be different.

It's time to raise your standards.

Stop asking for, and accepting, crumbs.

You think it's a message from the Universe... but it's not.

The Spirit isn't gonna boss you around. It's not a controlling bully.

It's waiting for You to DECIDE.

Have you decided?

See how you can work with the energy in November to support an empowered decision to raise your standards, and to create a new baseline in your life and business.

Bring your #calendar because I always go into specific dates!!!

Any Qs for me? Post below!! And tag a friend who needs to see this too!!



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9 Numerology readings in 3 hours: lessons inside

I attended a beautiful event hosted by Dare to Dream at the AIM Center in Kelowna… it was incredible. And the other speakers and practitioners are some of the most brilliant minds and hearts... it was an honour to collaborate with them.

I got to share a 45 min talk… where I talked about HOW we can use Numerology to create Alchemy in our lives, transmuting challenges into opportunity (if you are curious to know HOW, send me a note!!).

And I shared 9 Numerology readings in 3 hours… connecting at the Soul level with 9 beautiful hearts.  

It was so beautiful and so profound.

The gift of sharing intuitive readings is people share their truest hearts with you, and reveal to you what they most fear, what they are grieving, what they dream of, and what they most desire in life. And holding space for those kinds of conversations is LIFE for me.

Here are the 9 things I learned from being a speaker and practitioner at the event:

  1. Having a very clear niche, being...
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When life becomes unbearable, this is where I turn.

I turned to Numerology when the unpredictability of my life got to be too much to bear.

I was struggling ‍ ... and the more I struggled, the more lost I felt.

I lost who I was. I lost my "why". I lost what my precious gifts were .

And  Numerology brought me back to myself ... reminded me of who I am. And helped me to reclaim my power.

AND... it is now helping me expand and thrive.

It helped me create powerful trust with my coaching clients... because they felt seen, heard, and understood.

I have a waitlist of people who want forecasts and numerology readings from me... because my ability to tap into the energy using numbers is so clear and concrete for them.

I have guided my business to surpass my corporate income year after year, even growing when many others have struggled... through consistent offers, repeat clients, and a highly loyal community. Because I understand the energy, and provide consistent value with my forecasting.

 ðŸ’•Are you curious to learn more about...

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💕Try THIS to connect with Soulmate Clients.

Your Soulmate clients want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them.

Actually... they probably want to find you even MORE!!

Because... you have something they want. You carry a Code they are seeking. 

If this is true... then why can it feel hard to find clients?

Because you overcomplicate, overthink, get stuck in your head... then freeze up.

Want the simple, but highly effective solution to this?

Spend more time FEELING their energy. And allowing them to feel your energy.

Spend more time LISTENING to them.  And allow them to listen to you.

Spend more time SEEING them.  And allow them to see you.

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October Energy Forecast

Some powerful themes are coming up... and it is all around mastery, dedication and devotion with LOVE & MONEY! Some of the challenges that will creep in is impatience with where you are at in your journey... which may cause you to want to throw in the towel. You aren't meant to give up.... you are meant to check in with your path... the commit to mastery!! Tune in for the important details AND dates this month!!


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A Solstice Ritual that I created just for you!

Happy Solstice!!

Wishing you so many blessings on this Sacred Day!


The Year of the Oracle, the Seer, the Intuitive

This is the year that your Oracular gifts become activated.

Stronger, more powerful, and more potent than ever before.


Gifts do not get developed in a vacuum.

Our Soul Gifts are an initiation.


What this means is that they need something to strengthen, to activate, to develop them.

And this is done through contrast, challenge, duality and polarity.


So… if you have struggled to make decisions.

  • If you have been fearful of the unknown.
  • If you have felt the anxiety of change.
  • If you have felt afraid to leap.
  • If you have desired proof, evidence, concrete results BEFORE you make a decision.
  • If you have wondered why the old ways of doing things aren’t working for you.
  • If you have felt yourself pushed up against a brick wall… and feeling like there is no way forward…


Let me tell you…

This is your initiation.

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8 days ago, life as I knew it came crashing down

This still feels very raw, tender, vulnerable. 

And so difficult to talk about. 

I grew up in one of the most magical places in the world. On a 4.5 acre small country property, where we had peach trees, animals, and grew our own food. We could walk up the forest trail behind our home, and see waterfalls. The property overlooked Okanagan lake, and it was the most peaceful home for our family for the last 45 years.

Mountain sheep, deer, coyotes, bears, bobcats, owls, and countless other precious animals were regular visitors (I will never forget the day I came face to face with a bear in the garage, at age 8, putting my bike away!! ).

On Thursday Aug 17, a devastating fire ripped through Kelowna. The fire chief described it as 100 years of fires in 1.

As it's a rural area, there is a volunteer fire department... and my dad is a member. Thursday, my mom evacuated their home, and my dad went to work the fires.

That night, he sustained burns on his face and arms trying to save...

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🤦‍♀️ How many of these lies have you been told?

How many of these LIES have you been told about email and social media marketing? 

  • Email your list regularly... but don't overwhelm them
  • Have a "call-to-action" but don't be "salesy" ‍
  • Have a freebie... but don't give away too much free stuff
  • Grow your list... but purge it too
  • Be clever, interesting, entertaining, high value...

Honestly... it's no wonder most people find marketing and content creating overwhelming and exhausting!! 

Because I know you are here to make a difference... and that DOESN'T include spending hours agonizing over your email and social media marketing.

So I developed a SUPER basic system... easy, repeatable, simple. Where you can take 1 idea... and create ripples of impact using the law of momentum.

I have been working with exact system for 18 months. And in this time, I have grown to LOVE marketing, and become a kick-ass marketer.

And my results reflect it

Steal my system here (PDF download)... and check out my next free...

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Sept Energy Forecast

Sept Energy Forecast: Numerology for the month ahead. This month is PEAK energy for 2023.

Themes include:

  • Soul Gifts
  • Oracular Magic
  • Expanding your Intuitive Abilities


Watch it here-

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