💕What is the most LOVING & NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now? And watch the Universe move mountains for you.

💕Last friday, I made a decision. I literally FELT the Universe shift around me as I declared it.

I decided NOT to let off the gas at the end of the year.

Hey... if you need a break, or some rest or some ease... I get it. And I fully support taking it!! WE ALL NEED TO HONOUR THE PAUSE at certain times.

For me, this is NOT time to pause. And maybe that's true for you too?

I stopped to ask myself... what is the most deeply LOVING and NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now?

Ok... your turn. Put your hand on your heart, and one hand on your belly. Close your eyes. Deep breath, release. And ask yourself:

What is the most deeply LOVING and NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now?

THIS is the question that will bring in a FLOOD of support for you, as you receive the answer... then DECLARE it (please don't forget this part love!!!)

The answer landed loudly and clearly and quickly 💣🎤:

✨GO ALL IN. Leverage the momentum of the 8 energy month we are in now. And prepare for the massive changes that are coming next year (2023 = 7energy = big changes!!)

✨Prepare yourself and your business for the space you hold, the expansion you create, and the ripples you are here for! Because a little prep now... will create powerful results.

🔥So I am reviewing, updating and adjusting my energy, my focus AND my business.

✅Creating greater alignment AND increased income. Focusing on RESULTS.

❌Dropping what doesn't work for me any more.

✅Bringing to life epic visions for myself, my business, my clients and my children.

❌No more wasting time on "luke warm" - I want HOT and HELL YES or not at all.

HOW do I do this? Strategy + Energy.

Getting CLEAR on my goals, desires and what I WANT to experience in 2023.

Going deep into my Code to look for guidance and divine support.

Creating a strategy to align the INNER and the OUTER for a life of deep nourishment, expanded wellbeing and abundance that is truly meaningful to me.

I am taking on 3 clients who want to do this work with me. Privately. Only 3, because you will get unprecedented levels of support from me.

Here's what that will look like:

  • Filling out a detailed intake form - so I know exactly where you're at, what you need, and what you deeply desire.
  • Orientation session together - so we can get clear on charting the course forward (45 min clarity coaching session)
  • Sacred Energetics - going deep into your Code and your Forecast... including Soulmate Client and energetics of your business (90 min energy, divination and forecasting session).
  • 2 coaching sessions per month (over 2 months) - where we combine the ENERGETICS with the STRATEGY. Creating a clear focus and plan for traction in your business.
    Voice memo support between calls to keep you on track with your plan and energetics. Like having Magic on speed dial.
  • ✨So to sum it up? 3 months of intimate support with me. Energetic forecasting, divination, strategy, my eyes, heart and soul invested in you and your business. My insights and magic on speed dial. $3,500 USD (or payments on request).✨

If this is something you are curious about, let's chat. Reply to this email or book in a call here.


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