๐Ÿ’ซThe declaration I made in 2020 that shifted my world in unexpected and powerful ways.

Years ago I made a declaration… that the world delights in my delight. 

When I made this declaration… I was specifically thinking about seeking out joyful adventures… and those adventures seeking me.

Because we all know I love a good wild adventure… whether it be 4x4ing up in the alpine muskeg, surfing behind a boat on a pristine lake, or carving down the side of a mountain in fresh champagne powder.

But years later I find myself reflecting on this declaration I made in 2020.


The word derives from the latin word delectare. Which means to charm. And the "gh" aspect was added in the 16th century to reference light.

So… to charm. With light.

 And charm… is defined as an incantation or magic spell.

Ok… um… having a mind blown moment

This means YOU. In your LIGHT. Is a magic spell.

Working with your Light Code and galactic frequencies are a way to work with energy. To create incantations and magic spells. To open...

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๐Ÿ’•What is the most LOVING & NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now? And watch the Universe move mountains for you.

Last friday, I made a decision. I literally FELT the Universe shift around me as I declared it.

I decided NOT to let off the gas at the end of the year.

Hey... if you need a break, or some rest or some ease... I get it. And I fully support taking it!! WE ALL NEED TO HONOUR THE PAUSE at certain times.

For me, this is NOT time to pause. And maybe that's true for you too?

I stopped to ask myself... what is the most deeply LOVING and NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now?

Ok... your turn. Put your hand on your heart, and one hand on your belly. Close your eyes. Deep breath, release. And ask yourself:

What is the most deeply LOVING and NOURISHING thing I could do for myself right now?

THIS is the question that will bring in a FLOOD of support for you, as you receive the answer... then DECLARE it (please don't forget this part love!!!)

The answer landed loudly and clearly and quickly :

GO ALL IN. Leverage the momentum of the 8 energy month we are in now. And prepare for the...

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