💫The declaration I made in 2020 that shifted my world in unexpected and powerful ways.

Years ago I made a declaration… that the world delights in my delight. 

When I made this declaration… I was specifically thinking about seeking out joyful adventures… and those adventures seeking me.

Because we all know I love a good wild adventure… whether it be 4x4ing up in the alpine muskeg, surfing behind a boat on a pristine lake, or carving down the side of a mountain in fresh champagne powder.

But years later I find myself reflecting on this declaration I made in 2020.


The word derives from the latin word delectare. Which means to charm. And the "gh" aspect was added in the 16th century to reference light.

So… to charm. With light.

 And charm… is defined as an incantation or magic spell.

Ok… um… having a mind blown moment

This means YOU. In your LIGHT. Is a magic spell.

Working with your Light Code and galactic frequencies are a way to work with energy. To create incantations and magic spells. To open...

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Balance is hell. Tell me I'm wrong.

Can I be real with you around the idea of balance?

Honestly... I hate the idea and the concept. It makes me crazy. Even when the word slips out of my mouth "I need to find more balance...'". Words trailing...

I feel nauseous, stomach turning. It is a losing battle I don't think I will ever win.

Last week I was feeling some deep overwhelm. And I found myself telling the story of seeking balance. How I was out of balance, life was out of balance, and if only...

Ugh. Fuck balance. And honestly... I just don't want to play a game that I am bound to lose, and leaves me feeling horrible.

And as I was turning around these ideas in my mind... I came across of piece of writing from 4.5 years ago. I wrote it when I was freshly post-partum with baby number 3... my little angel Mira.

Can I share an excerpt of what I wrote with you?

Balance, to me, invokes an image of a tight rope. A thin line. Walking every so carefully, so deliberately, so much focus and concentration required.


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