Balance is hell. Tell me I'm wrong.

Can I be real with you around the idea of balance?

Honestly... I hate the idea and the concept. It makes me crazy. Even when the word slips out of my mouth "I need to find more balance...'". Words trailing...

I feel nauseous, stomach turning. It is a losing battle I don't think I will ever win.

Last week I was feeling some deep overwhelm. And I found myself telling the story of seeking balance. How I was out of balance, life was out of balance, and if only...

Ugh. Fuck balance. And honestly... I just don't want to play a game that I am bound to lose, and leaves me feeling horrible.

And as I was turning around these ideas in my mind... I came across of piece of writing from 4.5 years ago. I wrote it when I was freshly post-partum with baby number 3... my little angel Mira.

Can I share an excerpt of what I wrote with you?

Balance, to me, invokes an image of a tight rope. A thin line. Walking every so carefully, so deliberately, so much focus and concentration required.

Barely make a sound or a breath.

The margin of error is tiny... one miss-step, and you fall.

Crashing down, breathless, clenching, in the net below.

Conditions must be perfect. A bit of wind, a little chaos, distraction, something unexpected... and I begin to wobble.

It is just not sustainable to hold balance in the unknown, with no support, for any length of time. 

It creates a rigidity, an energy of fighting and control... leading to defending and protecting. Justification.

And every time I put myself in a position that requires control, I feel myself getting smaller. Losing myself. Chest constricted, shallow breathing, white knuckles.


Control shrinks us. Drains our life force energy.

Let's refuse to play a game that sets us up to lose. That robs our spontaneity, inspiration and delight. That steals the random surprise adventures and sparks of joy and enchantment which are always seeking you.

Please know this:

There is always a pathway available to you which will open up more ease, joy, delight and enchantment in your life.

I see our energy like a birds-eye view of a road network.

There are roads leading to chaos, traffic jams, and stagnancy.

There are roads of opportunity... highlighting ease, flow, and expansion of what you truly desire.

I can see this in your energy. I use the tool of Numerology to help me (alongside other modalities and experience from doing this work for many years and with thousands of people).

In a forecast, I can help you to understand what energy to leverage and invest in... what roads to turn down... to expand into more of what you truly want. 

Are you interested? I have opened up just a few spots before summer break. Reading, zoom session, report plus energy work. $997. Check it out here.

And please... reply to me and let me know... what is your relationship with balance? Have you found a magical solution? Share your thoughts with me!

Sending so much love!


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