Balance is hell. Tell me I'm wrong.

Can I be real with you around the idea of balance?

Honestly... I hate the idea and the concept. It makes me crazy. Even when the word slips out of my mouth "I need to find more balance...'". Words trailing...

I feel nauseous, stomach turning. It is a losing battle I don't think I will ever win.

Last week I was feeling some deep overwhelm. And I found myself telling the story of seeking balance. How I was out of balance, life was out of balance, and if only...

Ugh. Fuck balance. And honestly... I just don't want to play a game that I am bound to lose, and leaves me feeling horrible.

And as I was turning around these ideas in my mind... I came across of piece of writing from 4.5 years ago. I wrote it when I was freshly post-partum with baby number 3... my little angel Mira.

Can I share an excerpt of what I wrote with you?

Balance, to me, invokes an image of a tight rope. A thin line. Walking every so carefully, so deliberately, so much focus and concentration required.


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