💕What's on your heart? Taking the time to listen.

My Heart's Desire...

Less chaos... more peace.
Less busy... more spaciousness.
Less overwhelm... more moments of awe and wonder.
Less obligation... more delight.

This is what's on my heart and mind these days.

Time is an illusion... I see evidence of this everywhere.

I know when I mindfully and consciously work with the alignment of my Soul. Connecting deeply with my Soul's wisdom and my inner guidance system... magic unfolds.

Every single time.

So when the world around me feels like it's pulling at me... when I feel wobbly, and pushed and pulled in too many directions...

When I notice I am not breathing deeply... that I am locked into some kind of freeze response. My body's way of resisting the obligations before me...

When I notice that I am going through the motions instead of truly being present to the life before me...

I turn to my Code.

I look at my Forecast... I pull up the archetypal energies before me. And I sit with the swirling energies... watching them settle like flakes in...

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