🤯Could your Sensitivity to Energy your Marketing Superpower?

I know, you have likely felt that deeply feeling things makes it hard to market and sell your work.

But honestly... it couldn't be further from the truth.

Use this power to attune to the energy your Soulmate Clients' are experiencing... and create powerful resonance and connection.

✨Magical Magnetic Content✨

Don't make this common mistake in your marketing content!

🛑Stop the surface level connection. 

✅Create rich, powerful soul-based alignment and resonance.

Your clients are actually Soulmates...So treat them as such!

So many creators are barely scratching the surface with their Clients... which is why their conversions and retention are LOWER than they could be!

💕Connect at the energetic level with the Hearts and Souls of your Clients.

🔥Learn to feel your Client's energetic ask, and speak directly to their current experience, creating powerful resonance.

✨Learn to enchant your content, so they can feel the energy currents of support and connection... which creates confidence and trust in YOU and YOUR WORK. 

Important Question...

How many of these LIES have you been told about email and social media marketing?

  • Email your list regularly... but don't overwhelm them 🙄
  • Have a "call-to-action" but don't be "salesy" 🤦‍♀️
  • Have a freebie... but don't give away too much free stuff 😤
  • Grow your list... but purge it too 🤔
  • Be clever, interesting, entertaining, high value...😩🤡

Let me show you a better way.

Your content creates powerful energetic attunement & alignment with your clients.

It's not about you proving yourself... it's about your CLIENT developing trust with THEMSELVES.

✅Your energy is supportive for them.

✅Your system will work for them.

✅It's a critical step in their transformation experience.


Ready to simplify AND create a more connected community of Soulmate Clients? 

Overcomplicating isn't effective.

This system is.

Craving Deeper Connection with your Clients?


Here's how. You receive:

Monthly energy forecast with journal prompts to help you understand the energy patterns your clients will be experiencing. This enables you to FEEL their experiences, and share content that will RESONATE in their heart.  

Monthly calendar of content prompts based on the energy of the year, month and day, so you can directly apply this to your niche and your client journey.

Twice monthly content support calls, for hot seat coaching, brainstorming, and co-working... so you can write your emails and social posts with me.

A Facebook community with check ins, accountability, and a chance to share your content strategy for feedback and support from our community.

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If you are feeling seen... BABE... I got you. You are in the right place.

My name is Meaghan Alton... I am an Economist turned Numerologist. I love business... and I am incredibly sensitive to energy.

So I developed a SUPER basic system... easy, repeatable, simple. Where you can take 1 idea... and create ripples of impact using the law of momentum.

Because I know you are here to make a difference... and not spend hours agonizing over your email and social media marketing.

Let's do this, shall we?

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