Important Question...

How many of these LIES have you been told about email and social media marketing?

  • Email your list regularly... but don't overwhelm them 🙄
  • Have a "call-to-action" but don't be "salesy" 🤦‍♀️
  • Have a freebie... but don't give away too much free stuff 😤
  • Grow your list... but purge it too 🤔
  • Be clever, interesting, entertaining, high value...😩🤡

Turn 1 idea...  into a week's worth of content!

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Let me guess... all this conflicting advice leads to 3 things:

Do you freeze when you think about creating content?

Do you overthink, spin in your mind, and as a result, struggle to truly connect?

Do you doubt your ability to create meaningful connections with your community?

If you are feeling seen... BABE... I got you. You are in the right place.

My name is Meaghan Alton... I am an Economist turned Numerologist. I love business... and I am incredibly sensitive to energy.

So I developed a SUPER basic system... easy, repeatable, simple. Where you can take 1 idea... and create ripples of impact using the law of momentum.

Because I know you are here to make a difference... and not spend hours agonizing over your email and social media marketing.

Let's do this, shall we?

Ready to simplify AND create a more connected community of Soulmate Clients?


Overcomplicating isn't effective.

This system is.

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✅See screen shots and testimonials of real clients, and how they implemented this system... along with the RESULTS they got when they did!

Stop overcomplicating your Email and Social Media Content

Let's keep it simple, magnetic and effective, shall we?

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