So, I'm about to get super vulnerable with you 😬 & share one of my biggest fears.

First, I am so happy you are here. Can you feel that? 

Just breath it in for a minute. I am deeply grateful for you. I love connecting with you. I can feel this connection in my heart and soul, and it means so much to me.

And I just want you to know... since you have chosen to be on this wild and crazy ride with me... that I am going to get a heck of a lot more Real. Loud. Transparent. Clear. And sassy with you.

So... back to my biggest fear. Ready for it?

I am terrified of being too much.

Ooff.  I can feel the echos of that. You may feel it too.

And, I know. As I write it out... most people who know me think that I'm pretty confident and grounded in myself. I, mostly, know who I am. And yes, this is true.

But I have this little voice in the back of my head who snarks at me every so often. And it sounds like:

"Don't be too loud. Don't take up too much space. Don't laugh so hard. Don't be so opinionated. Don't be so excitable. Don't be so wild."

It tells me:

"Just chill. Just stand back. Give others space. Not so loud."

And you know what happens because of that?  I hold back. I shrink. The more palatable, polished version shows up.


I realized something.

The people I admire, those who I look to as an inspiration...

They are not polished and palatable. They are bold. Sassy. Loud. They let themselves take the space they desire.

A few months ago, I was in a group program with a handful of ladies. I remember one of them said to me "We want more. Be more. Bolder. Louder. More you."

And it blew me away. My loudness, boldness, my "too much-ness" is actually wanted? People desire it? Um... WHAT? 

I spent years, decades, dialing her in, restricting her, holding her back.

And then I realized... that's what I want from others. 

As we allow our wildness... our truth becomes more potent.
More vibrant. More powerful. More magnetic.

So... I have an obligation to myself... to want and welcome it from myself.

Here we go... Meaghan... your sassy, bold, loud self... she's fully welcome. She can come out to play whenever she wants!

And... I invite you to do the same!!  Can you let the wild, sassy, bold version of you out to play once and a while?

I want you to feel the potency of your truth dripping from your being.

Let me know... are you afraid of being too much? How do you handle it?


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