🌶Unpopular opinion - this is blocking your results.

📣Unpopular Opinion: You cannot apply the same process as your mentor and expect the same outcome.

HONESTLY.  It doesn't work that way. And it drives me crazy when people act like you can do exactly the same thing they did, and get the same results.

Why?? Because your energy is NOT the same as theirs. 

Our Codes govern how energy moves through our system. It will highlight to you:
➡️ Your gifts and opportunities.
➡️ Your challenges and sabotages.
➡️ Blindspots.
➡️ Where you can activate abundance, wealth & wellbeing.

And it works differently for different Codes.
When we ignore this, we set both ourselves AND our clients up for failure.

But here's the thing. When you understand this, you can SUPPORT them to implement a process in ALIGNMENT to their energy patterns.

Which means it will be MORE effective for them. They WILL get the results and outcomes, because it is customized to their Code.
Side effect?
They will feel seen, heard and understood... which makes YOU look like a rockstar 🤘.

For example...

2 - needs connection above all.
3 - needs a creative outlet.
4 - does well in a leadership role.
5 - cannot be put in a box.
6 - prioritizes harmonious connections.
7 - needs to integrate intuition and spiritual connection in all they do.
8 - is masterful and wise.
9 - can always see a higher potential.
10 - is the innovative genius.
11 - has a deep connection to Spirit.

See... they can all experience success in any venture they choose... but HOW they engage in their process will 100% impact the outcome. The way they show up MUST honour their energy or they will end up feeling frustrated, resentful, and maybe even slightly burnt out.

If you want to understand HOW this plays out for those you care about, learn HOW to determine their Codes!


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