✨Connect with the Consciousness of your Business

When you create a "line in the sand" moment, what you are actually doing is activating a new timeline.
And I want to share exactly how in a moment.

But first, on this fresh and shiny new month... let's do a little check-in, shall we?

Check-in with the Consciousness of Your Business

Take a minute, close your eyes, and take a few grounding breaths in.
You may want to hold a crystal in your hand, or apply some essential oil to center you.

Bring into your mind's eye, or into your awareness that your business has consciousness. It has it's own energetic makeup, and you are co-creating with it.

You may picture it as a colour, or a random form, or even an animal or a tree or an element of nature. You may simply sense it. It doesn't really matter how it appears to you.
Take a moment to acknowledge it with curiosity and wonder.

Then ask it these questions:

How are you doing, really?
What do you most want and need?
How can I better support you?

Pull out your journal... and let the answers flow....

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April Numerology Energy Forecast - Deepest self-expression and abundance of creativity

April is a fired-up energy month!! It's asking for your deepest self-expression... no more holding back on what you truly feel and know as your truth.

Your relationship with money will come up as well... particularly in highlighting where money has been a villain or a bully in your life.

I also go into the numerology of the solar eclipse on April 8, as well as a few other key dates for April.

If you would like to receive a personalized Numerology forecast based on your unique energy, check out my website: www.MeaghanAlton.com And click "book in with Meaghan" or send me a note!!


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Lack of business growth? 💡Here's what to do.

Going through the assessments you've sent me... and there are a few challenges that EVERYONE seems to be facing.

If you are experiencing an income plateau, or stagnancy in your business... here is exactly HOW to shift it

1.  Check your mindset and beliefs.

You are SUCH a powerful being. That you will PROVE YOURSELF right every time. If you believe that people aren't spending money, and the business climate is tough?  Guess what... you will prove yourself right. It will subtly affect your ability to see opportunities and take action.

Remind yourself that there are other possibilities.

I was talking to a friend about this the other day... and apparently Home Depot kept selling out of the 40 foot skeleton at Halloween. They just couldn't keep them in stock, they were selling instantly.

And so... I remind myself.  People have money to spend. They will buy what matters to them. They will spend money if it's important to them!!

Which means... we have work to do! It's...

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Golden Friday and the Money Game⭐️

Is your Money happy?  Have you asked it?

When you spend money on things that are valuable to you...

Things that are precious.

Things that reflect your values and priorities. Your health, your business, your dreams, your family, freedom, connection, spiritual growth, your soul gifts.

These areas in your life get to appreciate.... they get to grow and expand!

But when you spend money out of guilt, obligation, expectation, or just mindlessness... you are investing in these energies. And the low vibes will also grow.

So... putting on my hat as an Intuitive Economist here... want to play the Money Game with me?

This is a fun little game that will help you grow your priorities, feel more fulfillment in your spending habits, and invest in whats truly precious and valuable to you. Because you will spend money.

So let's make it Happy Money, shall we?

Money Game Rules

1. Check in with your money. Check your bank balance. Pay it some attention (have you thought about the energetics of...

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March Numerology Energy Forecast

t's a 2 energy month!!

Highlighting connection, collaboration and your intuition! There will also be themes around releasing, karmic adjustment, and integrating an abundance experience that is more fulfilling and aligned. I share special days, such as the abundance portal, karmic adjustment day, and a day for re-writing the rules!

Let me know below... what landed for you?

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🦋You've been burned, I get it.

You’ve been burned.

You're frozen… unable to move forward.

Like really stuck.


‍ Let me ask you… have you tried to move forward on something, only to have it fail? Or result in so much struggle?

Um yes. Me too. We all have. ‍


There are times when we struggle and fail, the sense of discouragement, rejection, and sadness feels very familiar.

It’s a reminder that you have failed before. 

That you have been sentenced to struggle before.

That you didn’t succeed last time.

That you can’t create the outcomes you truly want.


And that puts you in a freeze mode. In this holding cell. Unable to move forward.

You WANT to move forward, you truly do. But you quite literally don’t know HOW to move forward.

There was an imprint created that when you try to go after your dreams, your goals, your desires… you will face failure.

And it is dangerous to fail.


‍ This is another version of the Witch Wound...

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"I am not an Economist anymore, you know that right?"

“I am not an economist anymore, you know that right?”

When I said that statement… I could feel the nerves, insecurity and trepidation bubbling up.
He was someone for whom I WANTED his acceptance… and I really wasn’t sure if I would get it.

Should I start at the beginning?
If you have ever wondered if it was safe or ok to share your magic... this story is for you

‍And it is the story of the LAST time I held back‍

I received an email from someone I didn’t know at my old university.

Where I studied business and economics.

I earned my business degree & was awarded the medal in business… to the person with the highest marks in the entire program.

I freaking LOVE business.

It is a deep passion of mine.

It actually started with a fiery love for money.

When I was 6 years old, when everyone else wanted to play house, I used to make my sisters play bank with me. We would play with old deposit slips.. You know the ones with the carbon...

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💕Antidote to Overwhelm

Is literally EVERYONE feeling overwhelmed right now?

Honestly I get it. Everything is a lot right now.

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural response.

And when we feel this way... we think we need to do less.

And maybe that's true. But... hear me out for a minute.

What if we actually need to do MORE of what's meaningful to us

YES, cut out some of the stuff that is draining life force energy.

AND replace it with stuff that lights you up, fuels your Soul and sets your Heart on FIRE!!!

Passion, excitement, delight, playfulness... THESE are the tools that heal overwhelm.

Connection with those who inspire you. Things that help you view the world in new and interesting ways. Reminding yourself of the divinity all around you.

This is the antidote to overwhelm.

Your Energy is Medicine

For you, for your loved ones, for clients, for the world.

Prioritizing your energy and your Sacred Gifts can change everything.

Numerology has been the pathway for me and so many others... to rediscover meaning in...

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February Energy Forecast: Creativity Portal & Abundance Activation day

February is a powerful month. With a 1 energy, it is the Numerology New Year!

We have the opportunity to step into our mastery and greater abundance through doing, experimenting and trying things out!!

Mindset, belief and identity will evolve through action steps.

The more you try something, the more your confidence will grow!

Tune in to catch the details on the creativity portal and the abundance activation day!


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It is scary to step into your ⚡️ power.

I know it can be scary... even terrifying... to acknowledge your power. To make a decision to honour it, claim it. And turn up the volume and potency to your magic.

I see you.

I see you courageously following your heart and making hard decisions. Even when those decisions defy logic and conditioning, you are trusting yourself to know what's right for you... and doing it anyway.

This is no small thing.

Following your inner guidance system... even when, especially when, others don't get you... THIS is a revolutionary act.

This is what shifts energy and tides. This is how we create ripples of change that gently, but steadily, move out around us.

We leave our space changed.

I want you to know...I am here. Celebrating you. Honouring you. Seriously soaking up the bliss of you saying yes to the quiet voice within.

Those nerves and jitters you feel? They are telling you something important - you are opening the door to the next chapter of your life.

A chapter filled with more grace and...

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