He threw candy in the air behind her after she wished three times.

 My 5 yo daughter Mira has a love of all things unicorn, crystal and magic. She loves to make potions and cast spells.

She found a potion bottle, and has had so much fun making potions, enchanting them with a spell, then drinking them.

The other day, while at my sister’s house… she asked my sister’s partner to help her make a potion. He dug around for some food colouring, and they created a beautiful coloured concoction.

She swirled it around, and said out loud “I wish for candy to fall from the sky!” and of course, repeated it 3 times.

My sister’s partner registered shock on his face… her wish was so doable! He quickly grabbed a candy, and tossed it in the air behind her… and as it landed at her feet… her brother yelled “That doesn’t count!! Tyler threw it!!”

They have this funny vibe between them… her trying to prove magic exists, him trying to disprove it.

But here’s the thing.


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How I found my sweet spot for magic, miracles and synchronicity HINT: it's not what you think.

Sometimes life feels like a bit of a pendulum, doesn't it?

We can feel the swing in one direction for a long time... but then, inevitably, there will be a swing in the other direction.

Life is always seeking balance and equilibrium and harmony.

There will be phases in our lives where we are all structure and strategic. 

And... we miss out on the magic of flow and creativity.

There are other phases where we are all inspiration and fluidity...

And we miss out on the support of systems and solidity. 

I started my career as an economist. Did you know I have a Master's degree in Econ, as well as a Business degree? I was an expert in stats and data and financial forecasting. At the time, I had little room for magic in my life. And eventually... it left me feeling unfulfilled, depleted... and desperately seeking meaning in other ways. I was tired and worn out.

So I dove deep into my spiritual and intuitive journey. And I left all the structures and systems behind. It was truly...

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