He threw candy in the air behind her after she wished three times.

 My 5 yo daughter Mira has a love of all things unicorn, crystal and magic. She loves to make potions and cast spells.

She found a potion bottle, and has had so much fun making potions, enchanting them with a spell, then drinking them.

The other day, while at my sister’s house… she asked my sister’s partner to help her make a potion. He dug around for some food colouring, and they created a beautiful coloured concoction.

She swirled it around, and said out loud “I wish for candy to fall from the sky!” and of course, repeated it 3 times.

My sister’s partner registered shock on his face… her wish was so doable! He quickly grabbed a candy, and tossed it in the air behind her… and as it landed at her feet… her brother yelled “That doesn’t count!! Tyler threw it!!”

They have this funny vibe between them… her trying to prove magic exists, him trying to disprove it.

But here’s the thing.

The Universe will always deliver through the hearts of others.

Tyler was just as joy filled throwing the candy… as Mira was to receive it.

In fact, through this little game, they both were better off.

What is your wish? The thing you most want and desire?

There are people out there who feel it is SO DOABLE… and will delight in being the heart to help you receive it.

The question is… will you accept the magic?  WIll you participate in your role - which is to see, receive and delight in the magic all around you?

Because your wish, your desire, your goal… will be delivered through the hearts of others. For whom it is natural, delightful, easy and playful to share their magic with you.

It is our heart connection, our ability to come together and collaborate. To share our gifts and our genius authentically.

We don’t thrive in isolation.

We find wealth and wellbeing in community.

Share with me... I want to know ... what magic have you experienced lately through the hearts of others? A miracle, an opportunity... where you were able to receive love, abundance, wellbeing... as a result of someone opening their heart? 


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