How I found my sweet spot for magic, miracles and synchronicity HINT: it's not what you think.

Sometimes life feels like a bit of a pendulum, doesn't it?

We can feel the swing in one direction for a long time... but then, inevitably, there will be a swing in the other direction.

Life is always seeking balance and equilibrium and harmony.

There will be phases in our lives where we are all structure and strategic. 

✨And... we miss out on the magic of flow and creativity.

There are other phases where we are all inspiration and fluidity...

✨And we miss out on the support of systems and solidity. 

I started my career as an economist. Did you know I have a Master's degree in Econ, as well as a Business degree? I was an expert in stats and data and financial forecasting. At the time, I had little room for magic in my life. And eventually... it left me feeling unfulfilled, depleted... and desperately seeking meaning in other ways. I was tired and worn out.

So I dove deep into my spiritual and intuitive journey. And I left all the structures and systems behind. It was truly what I needed at the time... to go deep into the energy work to understand my gifts and my spiritual connection. But eventually it felt... ungrounding. And unfulfilling to not feel security and support in my purpose.

But I found a sweet spot in recent years. Where I harmonize both. A beautiful equilibrium.

The structures that support me in my life and business create stability, solidity and a lasting stable platform.

The intuitive flow and creative vibes bring me magic, synchronicity and miracles daily.

And here is what many people don't understand.


✨Your energetic and intuitive gifts will grow and expand when you feel securely supported in meaningful work.✨

✨Your ability to hold space for the growth and transformation of yourself and others will rapidly, exponentially grow... when you are stable and secure.

✨Your ability to realize your dreams, feel fulfilled, and live a life of meaning will take on an unprecedented momentum... when you have a structure of support.


It's both.

When we ignore the structure, it creates ungroundedness, exhaustion and burnout.

When we ignore the flow and creativity, it creates stagnancy, a lack of pleasure and it crushes our dreams.

This is why I love Numerology.

It harmonizes both.

Numerology is a tool where we use the language of numbers to interpret energy.  These energy currents are within us and all around us. And the numbers provide an anchor point to allow us to interpret with our intuition.

The Structure and the Magic.

 Some beautiful side effects unfold.

✨Confidence in ourselves and our inner guidance system.

✨Self love... knowing that we are perfect exactly as we are. 

✨Clarity of direction... knowing what's meant for you and what isn't.  


I want to hear from you... what is your experience with the magic of flow and the support of structures? Where do you feel your pendulum is these days? Post a comment below and let me know!


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