๐Ÿ’•Building trust with yourself

You can trust yourself.


Even if you have messed up in the past.  

Even if you have made mistakes. 

Even if you felt like have gotten it wrong before.


Please… the one thing you should never give up on is yourself.

Trusting yourself means investing in yourself.

With time, energy and resources.

It means learning your YES and your NO.

And following through with radical self-care, boundaries and love.


Don’t let the ups and downs of your past decide your future for you.

What if you decided that today was a fresh start.

A brand new timeline.

And that thing you desire?

It’s fully possible for you.

And you only have one job.

To go within. 

And to trust yourself.


To never stop listening to the longing in your Heart.

To notice the nudging of your Soul.

Then to follow it up with the action in your Body.


To give yourself a big hug… then take a step forward.


And see what happens when you mindfully cultivate...

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