The most important commitment is the one I made to myself.

So I did a thing. Three times actually.

I went into the freezing cold lake this winter..... Almost freezing temperatures. For 2+ mins.

Crazy right? 

I'm the kinda girl who HATES to be cold. Who loves the beach.. when its 30+ degrees! Who would take baking hot over chilly any day.

But it was one of those things that called to me. Intrigued me. And I couldn't get the idea go. 

So when my friend Anna invited me, I had to say yes.

The first time... there was a group of us. Anna walked us through a breathing exercise and told us what to expect. And it was HARD. But I also felt supported, and with my friends... and really the conditions were set for me to be successful.

But the next Sunday... no one showed up. I was the only one there, doing the plunge. 

Would I remember the breathing technique?

What if something went wrong?

Who would l look to for support, for encouragement?

And... truth be told...  I was just plain old scared!!

I did have a friend with me, who...

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