The most important commitment is the one I made to myself.

So I did a thing. Three times actually.

I went into the freezing cold lake this winter..... Almost freezing temperatures. For 2+ mins.

Crazy right? 

I'm the kinda girl who HATES to be cold. Who loves the beach.. when its 30+ degrees! Who would take baking hot over chilly any day.

But it was one of those things that called to me. Intrigued me. And I couldn't get the idea go. 

So when my friend Anna invited me, I had to say yes.

The first time... there was a group of us. Anna walked us through a breathing exercise and told us what to expect. And it was HARD. But I also felt supported, and with my friends... and really the conditions were set for me to be successful.

But the next Sunday... no one showed up. I was the only one there, doing the plunge. 

Would I remember the breathing technique?

What if something went wrong?

Who would l look to for support, for encouragement?

And... truth be told...  I was just plain old scared!!

I did have a friend with me, who managed the timer for me. But they weren't going in the water.

But... I was called to do this. Pulled to explore it. So I knew I had to do it. And in that moment, I knew - the only person who would be affected if I bailed... was me.... Just me.... Me.

Also... me... the MOST important person who is affected by my choice to follow through or bail on my choices and commitments.

So I did it. 2 mins and 45 seconds.

The elation I felt was like fireworks. I was so fiercely proud of myself.

But that's not the whole story is it?

Because sometimes we also make commitments to ourselves that we ARE meant to bail on.

That are NOT meant to be completed.

Forcing ourselves to follow through with things that are NOT serving us... that is NOT honouring of self.

Trust is built by honouring commitments right?

Yes. Yes it is.

But what about when a commitment you made violates your intuition or your energy?

This, my love, is incredibly harmful and painful to your soul. To your self-confidence. To your inner power.

It will tear you down, and break you apart.

So... here is your permission slip.

✨ Permission granted to stop or quit anything that drains your energy or robs you of your peace. You are allowed to change your mind.✨ 

✨ Your most important commitment is the one you made to honour your soul.✨ 

 She will whisper to you through your intuition.

And every time you honour her, your power, confidence and self-trust will grow.

And this is what makes you an unstoppable force.

Living in alignment with your highest truth, and calling your power back to you...that is what this year is all about.

Let's walk this path together, shall we?



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