Lack of business growth? ­čĺíHere's what to do.

Going through the assessments you've sent me... and there are a few challenges that EVERYONE seems to be facing.

If you are experiencing an income plateau, or stagnancy in your business... here is exactly HOW to shift it

1.  Check your mindset and beliefs.

You are SUCH a powerful being. That you will PROVE YOURSELF right every time. If you believe that people aren't spending money, and the business climate is tough?  Guess what... you will prove yourself right. It will subtly affect your ability to see opportunities and take action.

Remind yourself that there are other possibilities.

I was talking to a friend about this the other day... and apparently Home Depot kept selling out of the 40 foot skeleton at Halloween. They just couldn't keep them in stock, they were selling instantly.

And so... I remind myself.  People have money to spend. They will buy what matters to them. They will spend money if it's important to them!!

Which means... we have work to do! It's...

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