What if I told you you aren't doing it wrong? You may simply be painting with a watered down colour.

Sometimes it feels like the world takes so much, doesn’t it?

It can feel like no matter how much you do, there is someone or something asking for more.

It feels like you have tried so hard to create the ease you crave.

You have tried working harder, being more structured, being more focused.

You have tried resting, integrating self-care, and tried to be more in flow.

And yet… it feels like the ease and alignment you crave is just out of reach.

What if I told you that it doesn’t matter HOW well you DO the things (being productive balanced with self-care).

It’s not your PROCESS that is faulty.

Love, you aren’t doing it wrong.

You may simply be painting with a watered-down colour.

It may be tinted with the colours of those around you… those who inspire and influence you.

It may be faint with exhaustion of all the years of trying so hard to walk down a path that wasn’t fully right for you.

It may be dull with living up to the ideas and...

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