💫What if Your Greatest Struggle is Actually an Initiation?

Let’s not sugar coat things. Life has been intense lately, hasn’t it?🫣

And there is so much unknown, uncertainty, it can feel like traveling in the dark.

🤔But let me ask you....What  if the darkness has something for you?
We are so afraid of the challenge, the hard, the difficulty.

I think it is the messed up programming around “perfection”, “rightness”, and feeling approved of by an external authority.✅

Like wanting the A from the teacher. Wanting a 10/10 on the job interview. Wanting to feel seen, feel chosen, feel special.
And if we dont’ feel those things... we think something is wrong with us. We punish ourselves. We turn inward.

We begin to run stories of being “too much”, and “not enough”.
🫴🏼What if... we have been looking at challenge all wrong?
🫴🏼What if your greatest struggle is actually an initiation?
🫴🏼What if it is guiding you TOWARDS your purpose?

I love how Numerology can show us this path. So we can ...
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