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A Numerology reading I received 10 years ago changed the course of my life. She said to me:

"You're sensitive, aren't you?"
And I mumbled something about trying to be better, do better.
And she responded:
"No. Your sensitivity is your SUPERPOWER! Embrace it, learn to work with it, and your energy will become so much more powerful!"

WHAT?? The thing I had been avoiding my whole life was my superpower?? I was mind blown. But I couldn't ignore how it landed for me.
And the course of my life began changing for the better.

Numerology helped me in sooo many ways.

I used it to better understand myself...what my gifts where, and to help me navigate my challenges.
I used it and became a better parent... I could see WHY my children were different, and WHAT they needed from me, that was completely unique to them. How I parented them, how I related to them... became more effective, more supportive and more loving once I considered their unique Code.
I used it to be a better coach... I could...

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