It is scary to step into your ⚡️ power.

I know it can be scary... even terrifying... to acknowledge your power. To make a decision to honour it, claim it. And turn up the volume and potency to your magic.

I see you.

I see you courageously following your heart and making hard decisions. Even when those decisions defy logic and conditioning, you are trusting yourself to know what's right for you... and doing it anyway.

This is no small thing.

Following your inner guidance system... even when, especially when, others don't get you... THIS is a revolutionary act.

This is what shifts energy and tides. This is how we create ripples of change that gently, but steadily, move out around us.

We leave our space changed.

I want you to know...I am here. Celebrating you. Honouring you. Seriously soaking up the bliss of you saying yes to the quiet voice within.

Those nerves and jitters you feel? They are telling you something important - you are opening the door to the next chapter of your life.

A chapter filled with more grace and...

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