🔮 Did we forget this is the Year of the Oracle?

Did we forget that this is the YEAR OF THE ORACLE????

I have been receiving notes and msgs... people asking me to help them understand what is happening to them. Feeling confused. Feeling uncertain. Questioning things... feeling like they are a bit in the dark of the unknown.

Has this happened to you?

I have good news... lol... it does NOT mean everything is falling apart.

It actually means everything is falling together!!!

It is an activation of your SOUL WISDOM and SOUL GIFTS

If you have asked to strengthen your PURPOSE. To power on your GIFTS. To share and contribute with your SOUL WISDOM... let me guess.

You have been going through it over the last few months? Like sticky, hard, crunchy time.

And some weird synchronicities have happened... little evidence of miracles and magic... sometimes feeling so small, they are almost imperceptible...but you see them, and can't ignore them.

Your dreams are POTENT and possibly SUPER WEIRD.

Let me share with you... could it be an activation...

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