I bought myself a birthday 🎈 gift... and I held myself back from celebrating.

One year ago, I test drove a new vehicle. 

As soon as I sat in the vehicle... it felt familiar. Like home. Natural. So comfortable.

Then life got busy, and I put it off.

I took a mindful pause over December. I slowed down. And... guess what popped up?

The vehicle I test drove. 

Despite being told it would be a 4-6 month wait to get the one I wanted... One landed in my lap. With a 1 month wait.

It arrived 1 week before my birthday.

It felt like a physical manifestation of my values - freedom, adventure and connection.

It felt like an expression of my independence. I can go up to the ski hill without getting stuck, I can drive down any back road I want for the perfect camping spot.

It felt like an acknowledgement of my landing, grounded and secure, as a single mama of 3. An expression of knowingness... that I am safe, and I am ok. And I am so much more than that... I am also abundant and I am thriving. 

But... for some reason... I hesitated to celebrate it. I couldn't...

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