🦋You've been burned, I get it.

You’ve been burned.

You're frozen… unable to move forward.

Like really stuck.


🙋‍♀️ Let me ask you… have you tried to move forward on something, only to have it fail? Or result in so much struggle?

Um yes. Me too. We all have. 🤷‍♀️


There are times when we struggle and fail, the sense of discouragement, rejection, and sadness feels very familiar.

It’s a reminder that you have failed before. 

That you have been sentenced to struggle before.

That you didn’t succeed last time.

That you can’t create the outcomes you truly want.


And that puts you in a freeze mode. In this holding cell. Unable to move forward.

You WANT to move forward, you truly do. But you quite literally don’t know HOW to move forward.

There was an imprint created that when you try to go after your dreams, your goals, your desires… you will face failure.

And it is dangerous to fail.


🧙‍♀️ This is another version of the Witch Wound playing out 🧙‍♀️


It stops you from making a decision.

You THINK you made a decision… because you KNOW you don’t want to be the holding cell anymore.

But you still feel stuck. You can’t move. Or you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

Feeling tired, dejected, worn out.

💕 And, love, it’s because you can’t see the key… because all you feel is the danger of going after your goals and dreams.


Want to know how to unlock the holding cell?

You have the key. The key is a DECISION.


That sounds simple… because we think a decision is just that… a statement. Like I am gonna wear a blue shirt today. 

🦋 But when the lack of decision is a result of the Witch Wound, it needs more care and tending than that 🦋


➡️ Truly, a decision to free yourself needs to be made at many levels:

  1. Mental - THINK about what you want, wrap your mind around it.

  2. Emotional - FEEL about what you want, and how it will impact you at the feeling level.

  3. Physical - DO something. Take action. Create habits, rituals and process to make the decision happen.  

  4. Spiritual - ENGAGE with the supportive Universe around you to receive divine guidance and sacred support to co-create what you desire.



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