Numerology makes both a better coach and a better business person

Are you a Coach or a professional space holder in some way? Teacher, consultant, healer or guide?

If so, you will want to keep reading.

Client attraction, conversion, and retention are one of the biggest gaps between a thriving practice... and one that feels draining and exhausting. 

My coach told me the other day that she's blown away by my conversion and retention stats.

She says I am an anomaly.

Well... I want to share my secrets with you.

In one word?


Numerology makes me BOTH a better coach AND a better business woman.

Here's how:

  1. I encourage my clients to leverage opportunities THEIR way. Aligned with THEIR nature. This makes it so much more natural for them to succeed... because they don't have to try to be something they aren't. They get to be successful in the most natural way for them.
  2. I coach clients to align strategies with their unique energy. This enhances their authenticity and prevents burnout. It allows them to feel energized by their work.
  3. I help my clients understand their blind spots, not be defined by them. We all have areas with an energy gap. This does not make us wrong. When we understand how this is actually an arrow pointing us to lean MORE into our strengths, we stop letting our challenges define us.
  4. I create clear, concise coaching plans for private clients, which supports their success with structure and clarity. When you look at someone's chart, you can see exactly where their challenges and opportunities are. Which is the exact information you need to create a custom coaching plan when you pair this with their goal and desire in your niche.
  5. I have higher client conversion and retention. I understand my soulmate clients. I know the solution I provide, and the questions they have, because it is an aspect of my Code. And because I am so clear, clients tend to stay in my world. I have clients who continue to reattend trainings year after year because they always receive so much value. Because I speak directly to the solution I provide and they are able to receive it... more and more deeply each time.
  6. I create powerful content that magnetizes soulmate clients. Because I understand myself and the solution I provide. And I understand them, and the questions they have. And I understand the universal energies at play... which will influence what is top of mind on any given day. This allows me to meet my clients where they are at... and it means they feel seen and heard and supported - key factors in their ability to learn and grow and evolve.

Would you like to learn more about how you can use this powerful tool in your work?

Join Practical Numerology Certification... to become certified. And I will share HOW you can use Numerology to create stability in your work and step up your game as an incredible coach, healer and professional space-holder!!

Catch the replay of today's free class, where we go into the specifics of HOW you can use this in your coaching/healing/teacher work to support your clients and yourself more effectively.

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