Living a Life Fulfilled.

Knowing WHO you are. And HOW you contribute.

This is the key to living a life fulfilled.

Someone asked me on Sunday... what do you want for your kids? And my response is truly want I want for ALL of us.

I want us to know what it means to live a fulfilling life. I want us ALL to experience a fulfilled, well-lived life.

Now... that is a simple answer to something that is very complex. But there is a first step to living a fulfilled life. And everything else flows out of this step.

Know WHO you are and HOW you contribute. Your very existence matters. Your perspective is critically important. Our evolution is co-created by ALL of us choosing to contribute. 

But... what if you feel like you don't know? I get it, sometimes it feels so hard. And when we are searching, it can feel illusive. But I want you to know something.

It is actually much easier than you think.

I get it... I felt the feeling of constantly seeking and searching, trying to understand my role. Knowing I had one, but NOT knowing what it was. I was overly identified with my outer identities... mother, academic, economist, BC girl. My accomplishments... good grades, academic awards, career achievements and recognition.

As soon as got to the core, the root, of who I was by understanding my Code... the unique pattern I was born with that shows my gifts, my challenges, my unique way of contributing... it was like someone opened the curtains in a dark room. And let the sunshine in.

I had clarity. And confidence. I knew how to move forward. 

I want this for you. In Sacred Wealth, you will receive a report that shows YOUR unique Code. And you will learn how to leverage that to create a stronger, healthier, more vibrant relationship with your Wealth.

There are also practices that support you to LIVE into this version of yourself. Simply KNOWING who you are is great. But LIVING it is so good!

Money wants to support you to live the best version of you. The version of you that contributes in the ways only you can. This has implications for how we show up personally, with our family and in our WORK.

In Sacred Wealth, we will dive into HOW you can develop your business to be ALIGNED with the best version of you. So you get to contribute and make a difference in your way. And your clients receive beautiful benefits and results and are BETTER OFF because you showed up.

There are people out there. Many people. Who are waiting for you. Who are waiting for the shiny, clear, confident version of you that can own your message and share your work boldly and courageously. They are calling you to step up because they need you.

In order for them to see you... YOU have to see you first. 

See YOU first. 

📸Photo cred: Chantelle Adams


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