Golden Friday and the Money Game⭐️

😊💵 Is your Money happy?  Have you asked it?

When you spend money on things that are valuable to you...

Things that are precious.

Things that reflect your values and priorities. Your health, your business, your dreams, your family, freedom, connection, spiritual growth, your soul gifts.

📈 These areas in your life get to appreciate.... they get to grow and expand!

But when you spend money out of guilt, obligation, expectation, or just mindlessness... you are investing in these energies. And the low vibes will also grow.

🤗 So... putting on my hat as an Intuitive Economist here... want to play the Money Game with me?

This is a fun little game that will help you grow your priorities, feel more fulfillment in your spending habits, and invest in whats truly precious and valuable to you. Because you will spend money.

So let's make it Happy Money, shall we?

⭐️Money Game Rules⭐️

1. 💵 Check in with your money. Check your bank balance. Pay it some attention (have you thought about the energetics of paying your money 🤔?). Ask it how it feels... and just pause for a minute. And sit with it... you may or may not get an answer right away.

2.  💵 When you want to spend money, thank it first. Appreciation is how we grow things, especially our wealth!

3. 💵 When you are considering something to buy (a Christmas present, a product on sale for yourself, a training course, clothes for your kids)... think about what you are actually investing in.  There is no wrong answer here... but there is mindfulness.  You are always invest in something... and it almost never what it looks like on the surface. Try to get to the next layer. 

If I buy my daughter a snowsuit... I am investing in family time spent in the snow, tobogganing and skiing.  

If I buy myself an online business training course... I am investing in my goal to grow my business.

If I buy some clothes... I am investing in my appearance.  

This process alone will create mindfulness with your money... which translates to happier money, and wealthier you.

4.  💵 Now... here's where your investment gets to pay off... with action.

What is the action I can take to help my investment pay off? You need to do something!!!  Take the kids outside to play. Actually show up for the training course and implement it. Wear the clothes with pride and confidence!!

Sending so much love, and wishing you an abundance of Happy Money!!


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