Activate your Wealth, Freedom & Play with Awareness

How you show up Matters.

Activate the Law of Compensation by owning and claiming your contribution.  

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Who you are Matters. Your Work Matters

How you show up and share your gifts, your message, your unique talents in the world is so important.

Once you own this, and claim this, you activate something powerful. The Law of Compensation. This Universal Law is what guides our interactions with our world... including how we GIVE and RECEIVE abundance, material wellbeing, health, relationships, love, support and connections.

In any given time frame, we have a clear role to play. We are being asked to show up in a specific way, so we can contribute to the world around us.

What this means is that there are many people out there who are waiting for you! Who want and NEED you to show up, because they need to experience you.

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Sacred Forecast Report

Your Forecast is completely unique to you.  You will see exactly HOW you contribute. Specifically, learn what the next 12 months holds for you. The more you lean into how you are meant to contribute, the more you open yourself up to receiving the abundance, wellbeing and material support you desire.

Because the Universe wants to support you.  Energy, Resources, Money, People and Opportunities want to support you!  

You just need to show up. In alignment. So that the Universe knows how to be there for you.

You will receive a 1 hour private VIP session, with Numerology and channeled guidance. To help you understand and leverage the supportive energies of the year ahead for you.

You will receive specific dates, windows of time for various focuses... and how to best work with the energies around you to support you in your goals and desires.

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Private Forecast

Receive a detailed personal CODE assessment, going into WHAT your unique gifts are and HOW to share them.  

You will discover WHO your ideal clients are, and how to communicate with them so they can see and hear you.... and say YES to working with you.  

Use this info to keep you focused on track to your goals for an abundant, joyful, easeful year!

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60 min VIP Session

We will go through your themes for the next 12 months.  There are opportunities and gifts that want to flow to you.  By activating awareness, you can perceive and receive the blessings that want to come your way!

We will also point out potential challenges and pitfalls, so you can navigate with ease.  

Most importantly, process, apply and integrate into a plan to support you in all your goals and desires for the next 12 months!

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