Working with Portals to create transformation in your life - Episode 33

In this episode, Meaghan Alton discusses the concept of portals as energetic windows for personal growth and transformation.

She shares a personal example where she used a photo shoot as a powerful portal, and exactly HOW she did that.

Time is non-linear and this creates the potential for quantum leaps through working with portals in day-to-day experiences.

Meaghan shares how, using mindfulness and intentionality in recognizing day-to-day experiences as deliberate portals for personal evolution, highlighting the importance of journaling and reflecting on one's past and future selves when walking through these portals.

She also provided insights into the power of numerology and its correlation with identifying energy portals, talking through how to find portals each month.

Meaghan Alton also discussed the significance of repeating numbers as energy portals, highlighting the amplification of specific energies associated with each number. She urged individuals to align with the energy of repeating numbers to manifest their desires, emphasizing the accessibility and practicality of working with portal energy. 

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