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Your Money relationship is not set in stone.

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Money Relationships are complicated...

💕When things are good, we love it, praise it, and want more.

😡When times are tough, we get frustrated, anxious and demonize it.

Money stress triggers our basic survival... and yet, we inadvertently push it away.  

💕💵🤗When Money is plentiful... we feel safe, good enough and loveable.

❌💸😫When Money is scarce ... we feel scared and unworthy... we may even feel "broken".
Have you ever thought about the expression "I'm broke."?

⭐️What if... you aren't broken? 

⭐️What if... understanding your Money Archetype was the key to healing your Money Relationship?

⭐️What if... you could learn your Money Archetype, and discover your unique Money Archetype Quest to ripple prosperity out to all areas of life?

🌊Money is Currency🌊

The current is either working with us... or against us.

When we struggle with Money, everything feels hard.

❌It can cause us to pull away from things that we love.
❌Lose our spark in life.
❌Zap our creative fires.
❌Drain our energy.
❌Deplete our relationships.

And truly, you are fighting a current... and the current is pushing Money away.

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Hi Beauty! My name is Meaghan Alton.

And, let's be real. I LOVE Money. And this started from a young age… when most 80s kids were playing Barbie or GI Joe, I was playing “Bank” with my sisters.

I developed multiple income streams by age 12. And I decided then and there that money = freedom. Particularly freedom of choice.

What makes me qualified to be your guide to Heal Currency?

2002 - Graduated with the highest marks in my Business Degree grad class, with a concentration in Econ and Finance.

2007 - Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Econ

2007 - Worked as an Economic Forecaster for the Government of Alberta in the Dept of Finance.

Developed my own body of work around money - our relationship with it in the physical realm, as well as understanding the energetics of money.  

I taught many money programs over the years.

2016 - Sacred Money Archetypes
2018 - The Practice of Prosperity
2018- Prosperity Map
2019 - Master Your Money Cycle
2020 - Momentum of Money

But then… my money work went on hold. I was asked a few times by dear clients if I would teach on money again, but I could feel that something was coming, and I wasn't ready yet. IT wasn't ready yet.

And now I understand why. 
I was called to go deeper.
To understand Money in the physical realm (business and entrepreneurship). And also in the energetic realm. To truly understand the energetic currents that underpin our relationship with Money.

Money has a consciousness to it.
And we are in relationship with it.

And just like our relationships with people, it can be healthy and secure. Or toxic, plagued by stress, drama and tension. And the tension with money has been growing rapidly since 2020 on a collective level.

Money trauma is a thing. Even when you are objectively doing ok. Like, life is good. Business is fine (well, maybe just ok, or even meh).

But you are stuck in a state of freeze.

Because let’s be real… money is a proxy for feeling safe, secure and ok in this world.

Money is survival.

And when we aren’t feeling ok, it can spill into so many areas in life.

AND it can impact the level of trust we have with ourselves.

If you are ready to heal your relationship with money, and create a healthy, secure, stable relationship with MONEY… beauty, you are in the right place. Let's do this together.

💕Meaghan xo

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