You are not too late.

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2020

You are not late.
You are not too early.

I am here to tell you: You are just on time.

Facets of the world will tell you:

You need more experience.
You need more education.
You haven't worked hard enough.
It didn't come natural enough.
You don't have the right letters behind your name.
Your network isn't big enough.
Your website isn't shiny enough.
Your style isn't fashionable enough.
You need more time.
You need more facts, education and training.
You need more evidence, testimonials, social proof.

This is a controlling, manipulative, limiting narrative designed to leverage your fears and insecurities. Don't play into it.

Let me tell you the truth:

You are just on time.
You are exactly what is needed.
Your energy is the solution.
You have the right background.
Your life experience has prepared you.
Your connection with the world around you is putting you in the right place, at the right time.
You know more than you realize.
You are perfectly designed for your contribution.
The things you care about matter.
You are significant.
Those who need you will find you.
Your body is the perfect vehicle to be the container for your energy.
Your intuition is always guiding you towards what you need.
Your ideal clients will feel you, resonate with you, and lean into your work.
You will always have exactly enough time to do what is important.

The truth is... you are here for a reason. And you aren't being tricked into proving your worth, the validity of your work, or the impact of your energy.

Walk away from anything that makes you feel that way.

You matter. Your presence matters. You are significant, worthy and valuable. And we need your contribution.


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