When someone sees something in you... that you don't yet see in yourself.

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2019

9 years ago…

“You are a healer… you know that right?” She gently held my hand in hers, and watched me as the weight of her words slowly settled in.

An economist, yes. A business woman, yes. Someone who is good with numbers, yes. A problem solver, yes.

But a healer? This was the first time I had ever considered those words… for myself.

She took another minute with my hand, and then said “Your healing line is actually stronger than mine. You are a healer of healers.”

I drew my hand back.

This was more than I could even allow myself to consider.

6 years ago..

“You are a teacher… you know that right?” She reviewed by chart. I laughed. “Um, I know I am a great coach, but I am so not a teacher.”. She looked at me, allowing the weight of the words to float in the air between us.

A speaker, yes. A workshop leader, yes. A coach, yes. A writer, yes.

But a teacher?

“You will see.” She replied, as she went back to the pages in front of her.

Those two moments are, when I look back, pivotal moments for me.

It's when someone else saw something in me, that I didn't yet see in myself. But... when I heard the words... I could feel the ring of truth.

This is the power of your Sacred Wealth Code Report.

Yes you have a powerful guidance system, and insight, and ideas and plans to move you forward.


Knowing the energy patterns you will be facing. And how to leverage them to serve you in your goals... well... this creates a level of confidence and trust that is unshakable.

Challenges are going to pop up.  Uncertainty is inevitable.  Confusion will happen.  


Wins, victories and surprising delights will also land!

Knowing how to navigate as you begin your year can help you truly minimize time spent in the stress of a challenge.  And maximize the benefit you receive in times of beautiful wins.

If you want to learn more about navigating your patterns in 2020, click here to learn about your Sacred Wealth Code.  



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