So much good is coming out of this hard.

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2020

"So much good is coming out of this hard."

Words I shared with my client this morning. She is going through hard times. Often, when we are in the midst of a difficult, challenging, heart breaking situation... it can feel like it never ends. Like we may never emerge.

But what if you could look at your situation from another perspective?

You would see that so much good is coming out of this hard.

You would know that you are gaining new skills, strengths and gifts.

That by learning these new things, you are opening yourself up to live more aligned with your purpose.

To contribute in a more expansive way. To make a bigger impact, to make a difference.

You are actually becoming the person who you have always wanted to be... have always known yourself to be.

And by USING these gifts in the world, you are opening up yourself to a new level of Sacred Wealth. You are activating the law of Divine Compensation on a whole deeper level.

And this means you are creating new more expansive opportunities to receive wealth and wellbeing.


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