May Energy Forecast

Uncategorized May 01, 2020

Where are alllllll my fellow Freedom Lovers at????

Raise your hand if this is a core value for you. 🙋‍♀️

It is for me... it has been a guiding value for many years, and I am so grateful I held it so close to my heart for so long. Because it brought me to this stage in my life.

It started with Freedom from... from restriction, from chaos, from heaviness, from burden, from overwhelm.

Then at some point it shifted to Freedom to... to be joyful, to be inspired, to travel, to play, to connect, to have fun, to express my genius, to be more tuned in, to be more loving.

And, in truth, we are always growing towards another level of freedom. In these times, many of us are facing restriction. Restriction in finances, in our ability to go out, in socialization, in physical touch and connection, in ability to do in person work... the list goes on.


We are being asked to notice what is between us and our freedom... some if it is outside our influence yes. But there is something that is WITHIN your influence that wants to be looked at and noticed. So you can have awareness, and release and detox from it.

This is the space that the month of May is holding for us.  

Introspection, awareness, release, detox.

These are your steps to access YOUR next level of freedom... and this is supported in our energy this month.

1. Introspection. 

Spend some time with yourself. What feels heavy, burdensome, overwhelming right now? How can you create even a 5% shift towards ease?

What feels easeful, exciting, inspiring, fun right now?  Can you spend just a little more time, energy and attention there?

2. Awareness.

Notice.  Look around, be present. What do you see, feel, sense about the world around you?  Taking it in... how does it feel to you?  

3. Release.

What can you release that doesn't feel like a fit to the life you truly want? What is something holding you back, or keeping you stuck in an outdated vision of your life?

4. Detox.

Often following release, we need to detox. We become so used to seeing ourselves as versions of our past self.  We get tangled up with history, and not the present.  The habits we took on.  Sometimes, detox is necessary.  It is the space we take to get out of the old habit of turning left, when we have decided to turn right.  And sooner or later, turning right becomes the new habit.

So... freedom lovers... your time is NOW! 


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