Effective investment - Consider 3 Levels.

Uncategorized May 21, 2020

Invest and cultivate to grow.

What do you want to see?

More clients?
Increased income?
More freedom?

Yes...  and...

💎More inspiration. In-spirit. In-spire.
💖Refined intuition.
💎A business that feeds your soul.
💖Deeply enriching connections.
💎Supportive, loving community.
💖Secure foundations that will hold you, as you risk and experiment and leap.

For that, we need to invest. And to truly capitalize on your investment, to maximize your return (ROI), you need to invest on three levels:

👉Financially. Hire support. Buy a book. Take a course. Do some training. Join a club. Buy a cup of coffee for someone you want to mastermind with. Invest to spend time with people who see the best version of you.

👉With your time. Show up. Invest and spend your time wisely. Luxuriate in the activities that will help you grow into the person who has the things you desire. Grow and strengthen those muscles by investing your time.

👉Energetically. Does your energy fit where you are headed? Read. Listen to podcasts. Listen to the birds chirp. Meditate. Use essential oils. Walk outside, surrounded by trees and water and wildlife. Walk away from tv or books or conversations that leave you feeling drained. And invest in things that fuel you, empower you, energize you, enhance your peace and power and capability.

So... tell me... what will you do today?? How will you invest on these 3 levels?


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