When the "pull towards" of intuition bumps up against the "push away" of fear.

A while back, I started getting intrigued by cold water plunges.

Why? I don't know. But I could let the idea go. Even though I HATE the cold.

For some reason I felt drawn to try it. A magnetic pull.

And at the same time... I was terrified.

Would I get hypothermia? Would my body shut down? What if something went wrong? Would this hurt me? And... really... I was terrified of being so freaking cold.

And here is the relationship between intuition and fear.

Your intuition pulls you. It's when something catches your attention, and draws you in.

And your fear pushes you away. It may cause you to freeze or run away. It creates resistance against the very thing your intuition is asking you to explore.

I felt this push/pull fear/intuition dichotomy so many times in my life. Maybe you have too?

✨ When I was pregnant with my first baby, and my intuition was asking me to do things differently than what I observed around me.

When I had a seemingly secure and stable corporate career that paid me well, and my intuition was asking me to set out on a different path.

When my life looked perfect from the outside, but my intuition told me there was something more for me.

When I was growing my business and I was told there are certain ways to do things (grow, scale, hire, sell, etc), but my intuition told me to build my business differently.

When I was told that I was wasting my education and that I should follow the expected path, but my intuition told me I was needed elsewhere... and that elsewhere was going to be the path to wellbeing and prosperity beyond what I could have imagined at the time.

I've now done 4 cold plunges. And each time I do it, it becomes slightly less scary. I am a little less terrified. And I can see why my intuition was guiding me to explore this practice.

But... this brings me to a big question.

What if my fear stopped me from doing what I was intuitively guided to do?

I would be a dull shell of the woman I am today.

I made a commitment to myself years ago. That my energy was my biggest priority.

And I have learned that my energy becomes more powerful and potent the more I listen to my intuition.

And after many years of teaching thousands of people... this is a core truth:

You are highly intuitive. We all are. It is a teachable, learnable skill. 

I teach people how to expand and strengthen their intuition by learning how to interpret energy using the language of numbers.

This is available to all of us. 

So you don't have to get sucked into the fear/intuition dichotomy and let fear win.

When intuition gets louder, fear gets quieter.

This is the key secret to navigating uncertainty, overwhelm and confusion.

Stop trying to make less confusion in the world around you... let the chaos do what it will. It's not within your influence.

Instead... focus on turning up the volume to your intuition.

When intuition gets louder, uncertainty gets quieter.

So what to do when you feel struggle, worry, scarcity and uncertainty kick in?

Dive deep to connection with your intuition.

✨ Follow those nudges. 

✨ Learn to embody and express your Truth.

✨ Honour your Code.

✨Know with absolute certainty that you matter. Your energy matters. And your intuition is always guiding you towards your highest good.

When was the last time you felt the pull of intuition, and the push away of fear?


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