"I say Yes to Adventure."

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2020

 "I say Yes to adventure."

Adventure, connection and freedom. These are my core values. I hold them close to my heart, and I honour them in every choice I make. When uncertainty or doubt sneaks in, I repeat this to myself.

And my life has expanded exponentially as a result.

“I freaking love my life.”

I take a moment every day. Whether it is sipping my coffee on my deck, amongst my pots of flowers. Or as I stand, ankle deep, at the beach, and feel the water carry away my worries. Or as I sit at my desk, having just completed a training call where I felt the expansion, potential and impact rise, then land and anchor.

I recently spent 5 blissful off-grid days camping. 

We slept in a camper van, overlooking a beautiful sandy beach, listening to the gentle waves ripple as we fell asleep at night.

We slept deeply, cooled by the fresh lake water, with our nightly skinny dip, under an almost full moon.

We danced in the sand, a roaring fire warming us, laughing until our cheeks hurt. Then running to cool our toes in the water, to ground in the joy we felt, and claimed.

Late after sunset one evening, we laid on our backs in the sand, and watched a lightning show light up the sky for hours. Our own private natural concert. For our delight and bliss. No rain, and a warm campfire fire roaring behind us.

We said yes to adventures, as we roared up a mountain on side-by-sides, through glacier streams, among the muskeg, through deep mud bogs, and among the beautiful wildflowers… Indian paintbrush, white and purple daisies… and dozens more that I couldn’t name.

As we reached the summit of Mount Mandala… we came across snow drifts.. quickly melting in the 30 degree heat… but yet, still soaking up their last moments. We made a snowman, and had a snowball fight. Slipped and slid in the snow. And giggled and laughed with delight…our inner children in heaven.

We had charcuterie on our paddle boards as we watched the sun set. Then, danced our hearts out, unable to contain our joy, feeling our hearts and souls burst with delight.

We ate delicious food, prepared together as a community, and feasted around the fire, watching the sun drop behind the mountain and feeling the air gently cool our skin. We washed our dishes with water we gathered from the lake, and carried up the hill… with loving gratitude for the gifts around us.

And I share this with you for a very specific reason. I dreamt this life into reality. I, too, have felt stuck, heavy, overwhelmed, and joy-less. My vacations were a time to de-stress. I used them as a time to attempt to recover. Then, life would exhaust me, and I would need more time to recover.

But I realized something on this trip. My vacations are now a time to expand. I start with a full cup. And I welcome expanded bliss, and take time to anchor it in.

It’s not that I don’t get tired or exhausted. Believe me, I do. It’s not that I don’t feel stress, or overwhelm creep in. I do.

It’s that I also feel bliss, joy, playfulness, connection, adventure, freedom, pleasure and delight. And I really take time to savour them. To luxuriate in them. And in doing so, they expand. And they fill my life in so many ways. I receive and anchor them in.

This path did not happen by accident. It happened because I understand my energy, my code, my contribution and what fuels me. My code helped me to see this… and I have spent years leaning into what’s mine. And I see it grow in surprising and delightful ways all the time.

You see, one aspect of my code is that I am a ruling 7 – the wild woman archetype. The change-lover, risk-taker, adventurer, teacher. I am meant to embrace my wild side… when I do, I thrive in my personal and professional lives… and I get to be more of my truest self. Freedom is a tool for my expansion.

To me, Numerology is a gift. It helps us see what’s possible. The potential. And we get to activate it into reality. It helps us see the supportive and loving energy all around us, and leverage it to receive our desires. It opens us up to abundance is many rich and fulfilling ways.

I am living the truth of that, it resonates to my core, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


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