This made me a better coach, listener and space holder.

What the world needs now, more than ever... is skilled listeners.

People who can see, feel, and relate... and listen with all their senses open.

Powerful coaches, healers, teachers, practitioners and guides... are the ones who are constantly expanding their ability to feel and intuit the energetic experiences their clients are facing.

✨I have the gift of the language of Numbers ✨


I see potential, opportunities and possibilities.

I embody abundance codes.💫
I can see your energy patterns...
I can see where there is flow⚡, and where there is stagnancy.

And with this information, I can help you can redirect your energy to a timeline that is supportive to your goals and desires.

I use this gift when I do Numerology teaching and readings.

But here's the thing... I am not special.

I know you can do this too... because I have taught hundreds of people.

It is an ancient knowing that has been used for over 9,000 years.

And there is a powerful collective field that you can tap into... to access this energy. I will teach you how.

You can access this ancient wisdom... and use it to better support your clients.

It is the reason I have a waitlist for private readings.

It is WHY I have conversion rates and retention rates that are 2-5 times higher than the industry average 🤯.

Because I understand the energy of my clients... timing... and the climate they are working in.

I can teach you HOW to incorporate this in your work.

Just like so many of the Numerologists who have come through this training:

Maria uses the tools from Practical Numerology to connect more deeply with teens. Helping them to understand themselves, and bringing about greater confidence and self trust. She's a mama with a big family of teen girls... and helping her girls and their friends... naturally unfolded to her helping the community.

Ann Marie uses Numerology to help her business clients create clarity in their work, better understand their ideal clients, and have alignment in the timing in their business. In doing so, so dramatically increased her income... including raising her price from $1,111 to $3,333.

Karina uses Numerology to select the perfect crystals for her clients, supporting her channeled messages and guidance in support of her clients desires and requests.

Angela uses Numerology as a layer in her Magick, and in her Rhythmic Living calendar, a monthly subscription offer she shares with her community to help them understand timing and energy as it unfolds month to month.

Farah uses Numerology to help her clients better connect with love... whether it be an existing partner, or calling in a beloved.

Sarah combines Numerology with her yoga practice, and uses the energy patterns to help plan her yoga sequences.

Kasia is an energy kinesiologist, and she works with her clients Numerology charts, and finds that she is able to create powerful results much more quickly, and more targeted.

Catherine layers her tarot readings with Numerology... creating richer, more potent readings.

Jodie is using Numerology to build a brand and a YouTube channel, providing intuitive guidance and insight.

✨There are 1000 ways to use Numerology... and I will support you to find your path.✨

I am here for you to be lit up... fulfilled and supported in living your Soul Wisdom and sharing your Soul Gifts.

Well resourced.


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