September Energy Forecast

energy forecast Sep 01, 2020

What are you the leader of? 

September is presenting us an opportunity... to say YES and develop the habits, structures and physicality for us to step into leadership in our lives.

We are all leaders in some capacity. We hold the space for the dreams, values and priorities we carry.  And by leaning into the structures to uplift them... we create possibility and opportunity for ourselves and others. 

However... one of the biggest sabotages of true leadership is attachment to a false sense of security.  When we do that, we set ourselves up on a house of cards, versus true stability and safety.   

To explore, listen to the forecast video here, and reflect on some of these journal prompts.

  • How do I know I am safe? What conditions to I require in my life to feel safe?
  • How does this safety impact my power?
  • How can I strengthen and grow my power in this area?
  • What physical practices do I have that support my wellbeing? In what ways am I connecting with myself physically? And help me step into the leader I am?
  • How do I honour and connect with myself on a daily basis through 2-3 practices or habits that support me to be my best self?
  • What structures support me to be even more free?

Take the time to build a stronger relationship with your inner leader.  This month honours and supports you in your leadership.  

I want to hear from you!  Comment or send me a message... what will be the 2-3 habits you implement this month to integrate your leadership?

Also... I am so excited to announce the next round of Practical Numerology Certification!! If you are curious about this training, please reach out to me!  I would love to chat to see if it is a fit for you!

Use Numerology to access the codes and the patterns you were born with, so you can leverage your magic, your gifts, and truly own your contribution and impact. Unveil your truth, so it is deeply felt by those around you.


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