What the heck is happening? March energy update.

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020

March is crazy.  

So many people are going through massive pain, fear, chaos and illness.  It has activated basic survival mode in everyone.

Please, in this time, first honour and meet your survival needs.  Take care of your physical, emotional and mental needs first.  Make sure you and your family are taken care of, especially with your health and wellbeing.  

And, once your basic survival needs are met, it doesn't serve you to stay spinning in fear.  

I hope this energetic context will support you with what's next.  

2020 is here for us to find stability, security and foundation so we can be leaders for a more loving, stable, hopeful and secure way forward. Anything that doesn't support this uplifting energy needs to crumble and fall away.  Our sense of security and leadership will first be tested, then strengthened.  

March has massive disruption energy.  When we set out with a goal or a plan, we often use incremental change energy.  We imagine taking 1 step at a time, doing one thing at a time, and slowly, incrementally, reaching our goal over time.  This is the way water erodes rock - slowly, steadily over time. 

There is another path to change.  It involves massive disruption, like a volcano erupting, or a fire burning a forrest.  Or flipping a table, so it is completely bare, giving us a chance to be more selective and deliberate about what goes on the table.  

Collectively, the table has been flipped.  We have institutions and systems crumbling all around us in a matter of days and weeks.  The forrest has been burned.  We may still be in the midst of the smoke and the ash and the debris.  But it is now time to ask ourselves - what do we want to put back?  And what must be left behind?

This is the opportunity.  Rebirth.  Birth is painful, excruciating at times.  And it is also the sign that there is something new emerging.  

You can hold both fear and worry about the chaos.  And hope and excitement for the opportunity.  It is ok to feel both, and hold space for both.  

Today is a day for planting seeds.  But do things differently.  We must do things differently.  Slow down.  Take space.  Find stillness.  Go slow.  

Ask yourself and journal on these questions:

1.  What are the changes I have been asking for?  

2.  What opportunity is emerging that will support these changes?

3.  What do I know for sure, and how can I lean in and strengthen it in myself?

I would love to hear your thoughts... please share below!


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