1 thing to Embrace. 2 Things to Stop.

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2020

2020.  The year of stability, structure and foundational safety.

Our goals this year will naturally support this evolution.  But if we don't take action and DO anything about it, we will experience more chaos, frustration and challenge.

The goal... the desire... the thing you want this year.  What is it?  More money, business growth, improved relationships, better health... whatever it is, at least know where you want to see a change.

So many of experienced struggle in 2019.  

So often, when we go through struggle... we push through, work through it, and figure it out.  Then move on.

Well... guess what!  There was an important reason for it!!  Check the video below to find out more.

Most importantly... identify the gift the struggle gave you.  It helped strengthen you in a very important way.  And you need that expanded skill set in 2020.

So... identify the strength.  And embrace it.

In order to create clear results in 2020, there are two things to STOP doing.

1.  Stop forgetting you have a purpose!!  You are the solution to a problem.  You are needed.  WE need you to step up and share your gift with the world.  Stop disconnecting from it.  If you need support to figure out what your purpose is, and what is the solution you provide, book in to get your Sacred Wealth Code Forecast. 

2.   Stop being reactive.  We need you to be vision-minded.  Your vision matters.  In fact, all of our visions are co-created together.  Keep your vision in mind, and keep taking small, incremental steps towards it.  As you do that, with your purpose in mind, your progress will begin to benefit from the Law of Compound interest.  Before you know it, you will feel the momentum kick in.  And your results will snowball.

Now, here's your work!

1. What is the gift you will embrace from 2019?

2.  What is your purpose?  How do you contribute?

3.  What is your vision?  Where are you headed this year?

Share in the comments so we can witness and support you and hold space for your expansion!

To your prosperity,




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