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2023 Personal Forecast + Plan Your Year by the Numbers Workshop

2023 is the year of the Leap of Faith!! 

Ruled by the energy of 7.

Stagnancy and complacency will be our biggest challenge... and we will be rewarded when we cultivate trust and confidence... in order to take risks in the unknown!! It is a time of SHAKEUP... so together, let's explore how we strengthen our energy this year to amplify more abundance and prosperity on OUR terms!

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though... we will face our biggest struggles in learning to trust ourselves, and our inner guidance system. 

In this time of change, unknowns, pushing the boundaries to evolve the status quo... we have one CRITICAL tool on our side... using our INTUITION and INNER GUIDANCE system.

Some of the Universal challenges in 2023:

  • Doubting your unique vision... will you ever be able to create and achieve what you see in your vision?
  • Questioning your inner voice, and outsourcing your decisions to others... who may not know what's best for you!
  • Feeling stagnant as you wait for a sign... struggling to know WHEN or WHAT is next for you.

Receive a personal audio recording of your unique Year Ahead Forecast from Meaghan (20-30 mins).

  • I will go into the big themes for your year, and where your opportunities lay.
  • I will mention the challenges that may arise, and the purpose of these challenges... they are here to point you to develop a skill or strength, so let's get that sorted up front, shall we?
  • I will also share with you what areas I see opportunities for expansion, growth, and a deeper sense of wellbeing.
  • I will share important cycles you may be moving through, so you can set your year up to be in flow with the natural currents and energy patterns around you.
  • Most importantly... I will share what Alchemy is possible for you... and HOW you can transmute some of your challenges into the energy of PURE POTENTIAL to support your Soul's evolution.

Then, join my workshop to learn how to apply your personal forecast and plan your year ahead to be in flow! 

You will receive my Practical Numerology Calendar ... the exact one I use to plan my year and my day-to-day. So you can apply and ground this wisdom in your day-to-day life! And use this to create energetic alignment.  I will teach you exactly how to find out what days and months are BEST for you to plan certain activities (work, sales, presentations, vacations, reflection, rest, developing a body of work, content creation, etc). There will be lots of time for Q&A, so you will receive direct feedback and guidance from me to set you up for success!

Plan Your Year by the Numbers Workshop

January 5, 12:00pm PST (approximately 90-120 mins, depending on Q&A!).

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