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Private Energy Forecast with Alignment & Activation Transmission

When you say YES to this experience... something incredibly powerful happens.

I see and feel your energy in patterns and grids. 
I can see where there is stagnancy and stuckness.
I can see where there is flow, abundance and opportunity.

In the time leading up to and following our session, you are receiving an energy transmission where I am supporting your energy. To clear stagnancy. And to welcome opportunity and abundance.

AND... in our session, with your added awareness... this becomes even stronger and more potent!

Working with me in Energy Alignment and Expansion is a powerful way to magnetize your desires... and activate the truest and most potent, powerful version of yourself

->Through awareness and presence with our energy.

->Through devotion to our path. 

->Embodiment and expression of our Code – the most natural and potent expression of our energy.

Being guided by the energy and...

  • Knowing what is meant for us… and what isn’t.
  • Having clarity in direction and action… and clarity in the pause and rest.
  • Knowing when the time is to share our stories, our messages and our insights broadly… and when it’s time to go inward.


When I look at someone’s numerology chart alongside their business, I can very clearly see energy running through pathways… like roadways on a landscape.

I can see where there are traffic jams and stagnant energy.

I can see where there are opportunities for abundant energy exchange, increasing sales. 

I can see where there is an ask for sharing education, insights and teachings.

I can see where there is wellbeing expanded through rest.
I can see where soul mate clients are craving deeper connection and engagement.

I can see opportunities to expand impact and income.

You see… value and money are intrinsically linked. The amount of value you can communicate and connect with your soul mate client is directly related to the amount of income you receive.  Because money is a subjective measure of perceived value.

And we can amplify the value to our soul mate clients through clarifying and amplifying our energy. Because it’s a soul contract. That is governed by energy. 

Just to be clear… we aren’t talking about YOUR value. Your value is infinite. Obviously. You are valuable and worthy beyond measure. We are talking the value your soul mate client can perceive and receive through engaging with YOU and YOUR WORK.

You get to influence this… through your energy and actions.

 I built my business supporting clients one-on-one for many years.  And as you probably know… I have focused exclusively on teaching Numerology for the last 2 years. I have not taken on private clients.

But these insights I receive, this energy I see, the way I know we can simplify your efforts and amplify your results… I don’t want to keep this bottled inside anymore.

I want to share this with you.

So I am opening up my calendar for just a few private clients who would like me to be their Intuitive Business Advisor.

Email me if you want to confirm a time prior to booking... otherwise once you register, you will receive a calendar link!

[email protected]