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Sacred Money Archetype Reading:


Discover your unique Money Personality. Understanding your strengths is the key to creating your Financial Freedom!

  • Pinpoint exactly where the money leaks, drains or blind spots are in your business …and what to do to seal these leaks now, before any more time flies by.
  • Learn your 3 most dangerous money sabotages, and how you can use your money strengths to overcome limiting your income.
  • Discover the questions you can ask as you grow your business and your income to create Financial Freedom on your terms!


Details:  I will send you an assessment quiz, to be completed in advance.  Then we will hop on a call together, where I will uncover your Financial Freedom Board of Directors!  I will give you clear steps and action items to support your income expansion.  You can ask me specific questions to support you to overcome your money challenges.  I will send you a summary of your top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes, so you can refer to your strengths and gifts with every money decision you face to support your wealth expansion and financial freedom.


I just finished my session with Meaghan. We talked about the Sacred Money Archetype and oh my gosh it was eye opening! I am usually not one who likes to talk money, but this not only fascinating it is so useful! I discovered what my top 3 archetypes are and how important this is for all my financial decisions. Meaghan gave me clear and insightful direction based on what I learned and I am ready to step up my money game in business and my personal finances. The Sacred Money Archetype is something I will use again and again. Such a great tool!!” – Crissy Day, Yoga Sprout


Holiday Special Pricing $95 (regular $195).  Book now!

Email me at to download your worksheets!

Intuitive Content Creation Workshop – Holiday Bonus Gift!

FREE With Purchase of Sacred Money Archetype Reading

People ask me all the time – how do I create content?  I can easily create a valuable conversation for my ideal clients in a matter of minutes.  This can be used for creating Facebook Lives, blogs, social media posts, articles, posts… and even content for workshops and programs.

Want to know my secret?  I rely COMPLETELY on my intuition.  

And guess what?  You can too!  I teach a simple, straight forward technique using intuitive business tools to develop ideas and content on the spot.  It is something I will happily walk you through, and support you to apply for yourself, in your business, so you can provide amazing value to your ideal clients!

In a 1 day virtual workshop, we will sit down together and create 3 months worth of exciting, highly valuable topics and content for your ideal client.  You will have time to flesh out your ideas, ask for feedback from myself and other participants, map our your articles or video topics, and create graphics to go with them!  After our time together, all you will need to do is map them into your social media scheduler and your calendar… and you will be set to provide consistent, highly valuable content to your clients for months straight!

The tuition for this workshop is $297.  However you can receive it as a free gift with your purchase of a special holiday Sacred Money Archetype Reading.

  • Learn your unique sacred money contract to create financial freedom.  
  • Discover how to harness your assets as you grow your income.
  • Use your intuition to receive downloads of valuable content to connect with your ideal clients, from your heart to theirs.  

All in time to celebrate the New Year!!

Contact me at to reserve your spot!


You know you have important work to do.

And money struggles are holding you back.

I get it.  Business can feel hard sometimes.  When the money comes, and goes so quickly… it feels scary.  And we have this way of slipping into survival mode.  In the struggle of survival, fears, doubts, uncertainties, lack of belief… they get so loud!

In this new business world of Information and Consciousness… we want to move toward collaboration, connection and support.  We know this is possible, we can feel it.  Yet, when we apply the old business models in this new world, it can leave us struggling.


Inspired Business Growth is a model that will teach you to Master Your Money Cycle so you can create powerful income and profit from your business… whether you are in early stages of well experienced in business.



“Meaghan has the astonishing ability to help you get crystal clear in your business vision, and move you towards claiming your highest level of self-mastery and success all at once. I took her 10-week workshop in 2015 and had several major breakthroughs that have pushed me to implement a clearer and more purposeful business practice… something I didn’t know how to truly focus in on before meeting her. Meaghan’s workshops, mastermind groups, and personal one-on-one coaching highlight just how visionary her techniques and skills truly are!” – Crispin Butterfield, Urban Theory Design



You are invited to collaborate with an intimate group of business owners who will be working directly with me.  You will discover the tools required to create a powerful, profitable business embracing the emerging business model. You will learn how to apply the principles of the Information and Consciousness based economy to be at the leading edge of business.  Collaboration, connection, support.

And when you combine this with becoming masterful with money, something magical happens.  You are no longer in struggle and overwhelm.  And this allows you to hear the quiet voice within.  You are connected with your intuition  You have a deep sense of knowing as you move forward in your work.  You are surrounded with synchronicity.

This powerful group will work together over 3 months to learn and apply as they go, with small group coaching sessions and private coaching as well.

You will learn:

  • The key ingredient to a business plan that works to create momentum and income, as well as loyal connected clients.
  • The principles to the new leadership model and how to apply them in your unique business.
  • How to connect effectively with your ideal client.
  • How the Money Cycle works, and the 4 points you can block money. You will also learn what you need to do to open up the income flow.
  • The Golden Rule of Profit, and what business model will work for your income goals.
  • How to move past fear and doubt, and into inspiration and action.
  • How to honour your essence and your genius in your work.

So… 3 private coaching sessions with me, 6 intimate group sessions lead by me and access to support via email and Facebook private group with other brilliant business owners.

 For just 3 payments of $499.  Or pay in full and save $250 ($1247 + 5% GST)  

Contact me to reserve your spot.

“Thanks so much. Love applying all my learnings from you:) So THANK YOU for your inspiration and guidance over the years. I couldn’t have made it without you.  My income increased by 600% from spring to fall this year!” – Spring 2016 group participant.  

Garnette Schoonbaert's Profile Photo

“Last fall I took Meaghan’s 10 week entrepreneur course “Inspired Growth Strategy” I’m not sure if I realized it at the time, but it was definitely one of the best entrepreneur courses I have ever taken. I am not one for business plans, numbers and all the complicated things that often come with small business courses, but she made it fun, relevant and helped me do a little bit of soul searching. I definitely recommend taking her course to every entrepreneur that I meet, that may be struggling with direction or needs help in getting things off the ground and running.” – Garnette Schoonbaert 

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Meaghan has a way of making the complicated simple so you leave her workshops with greater understanding and a complete success plan. She’s an expert in helping you uncover why your business may not have been working and creating a new and powerful plan that takes you to where you want to be and more!” – Aly Pain,


Book an appointment with me so we can get your #MoneyGame going, and Meaghan Alton, Business Growth Strategistfind out if this is the right fit for you!

Entrepreneurs have an amazing gift and that gift comes with a responsibility.  You have the ability to change the world in real, tangible, measurable ways.  When you put yourself out there, and share your gift with those who really need it, you have an amazing impact.  You are changing business culture and contributing to  the new economy.  You have the ability to positively impact your clients in ways beyond your wildest imagination.  You have the power to improve the trajectory of their lives.

However.  You cannot do this  if you sacrifice what’s important to you.  If you stay in struggle and sacrifice.    We have a tendency to make this so complicated.

There is a better way.

You have a responsibility to create a powerfully sustainable business for two reasons.

First, when your business is sustainable, your clients will have their needs being met!  You will be there for them in a profound and consistent way.  This is how you change the world. 

Secondly, when you have what you need, when you can cover your bills, take care of your family, and give yourself the things you need in life, you are able to focus beyond survival.  As soon as your basic needs are met, you have the ability to be so much more creative, expansive and brilliantly in your zone of genius.  In this place, you have the freedom to follow your nudges and listen to your intuition.  You have the freedom to live your purpose and make a deeper impact in the world around you.

Creating your conscious business model is the key to unlocking your freedom, and creating the impact you desire in the world.  When you value yourself by living in your zone of genius, honouring your relationship with money, and creating effective agreements with yourself, you are revolutionizing our business world.  

Your inspiration will land.

Your work will have a deeper meaning.

And you will be richly rewarded.

“Meaghan Alton’s ‘Inspired Growth Strategy’ course is aptly named.It opened space to look at my business programs and processes from a vibrant and inspired perspective. I redesigned my website with new marketing I developed during her course, and created 2 new programs, which have become my most popular in the space of 2 months.

I am grateful for the tools Meaghan shared with us, as well as the synergies that formed amongst the entrepreneurs in the class. I have met amazing people who support my business personally and through referrals.

Definitely tremendous value for the investment.  When you are ready to step through to a new level in your business, Meaghan will lead and support you every step of the way.

Thank you so much, Meaghan, for your amazing energy and open heart.”  – Laurie Bartley, Healer, Speaker, Author


“Meaghan Alton and the Strategic Growth course has been instrumental in my business. It has helped me realize my personal and work passions and figure out how to structure my business around it.  She has helped me develop confidence around my business strategy and given me tools for growth and increased profitability. She has helped me determine my short-term and long-term goals and document steps in how to achieve them. I keep my notes and lists on my kitchen counter as it helps me stay focused and acknowledge my progress and wins.” – Melissa Clark, Building Book Solutions

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